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Data Presentation for a Project Proposal of Construction of Suspension Bridge

Geographical Site The proposed site for the construction of the bridge is about thirty kilometers south of Aparri, Cagayan.  The water current at this point is weak which makes the construction suitable.  The bridge is bounded between two national roads.  At the right side is an intersection which leads to the eastern part of Cagayan.… Read More »

Management Proposal

NCRFW Institutional Strengthening Project (NCRFW ISP) Phase II Project Description: The NCRFW ISP II is the second phase of partnership between CIDA and NCRFW.  The second phase of the project was re-oriented to focus on achieving an “institutionalized enabling environment in NCRFW and selected partners for gender responsive policy, planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation”. … Read More »

Sample Proposal for MRT Project to Link Bulacan Edsa

Estimated Project Cost: $1.2 Billion Timetable:  Targetted for completion by 2005 Proponents: A consortium of big local and foreign investors. The Manila-based development group EL International Holdings which is part of the EL group of Companies of HongKong, which has teamed up with local groups EEI Corp. of the Yuchengco family and TCGI Engineers. Other… Read More »

Introduction for the Project Proposal Study

The Philippines is poised to join other rapidly industrializing nations of the world.  This impending process also brings with it the spectra of more pollution and environmental degradation.  Depreciating air quality is impairs the health and welfare of a large proportions of the population, in particular that of the 20  million residents in Metro Manila… Read More »

Sample Abstract for Project Proposal

The study deals with the comparative analysis of physico-chemical characteristics; between 20% and 25% CME by volume on the controlled samples of bunker fuel, and the effects of exhaust gas emission. The blended fuel will be submitted to a qualified separate testing agency for physico-chemical analysis.  In physico-chemical characterization, specific results from testing the blend… Read More »

Sample Project Proposal

Project proposal is a written to solve a technical problem according to Mills and Walter (1990).  It is also use as a basis for a feasibility study.  There are three major section of project proposal; introduction, technical section and summary. Below is an example of project proposal, an excerpt project proposal from Tarlac State University.… Read More »

Things to Consider in Writing a Project Proposal

–    Introduction. Gives the overview of the proposal and answer what the proposal is about. Briefly describe the project without too much detail. –    Problem Statement. Clearly identified the problem and convince the audience or reader that the problem is important and call possible solutions. –    Objectives. Explain what the project seeks to achieve.  The… Read More »