The study used bunker fuel mixed with 25 percent of CME to be run in to a water tube boiler with a maximum pressure of 10 kg/cm2.  By means of a flue gas analyzer to be inserted in to the exhaust of the boiler, the elements contained by the exhaust gas will be recorded.  There are two parts of the project; (a) physico – chemical characterization of potential viable blends; (b) emission testing using identified test blend.

In Physico-chemical characterization there is blending of 20% and 25% CME by volume on the controlled samples of bunker fuel.

Sample formulations were done with different proportions by mixing bunker fuel with coconut methyl ester CME.

a)    Bunker fuel with 20% CME
b)    Bunker fuel with 25% CME

In emission testing, exhaust gas sample will be taken in the stack during burning of pure diesel fuel or bunker fuel as a base line data while the boiler pressure and fuel temperature is at 4 kg/cm2 and 85 degree centigrade, then the next exhaust gas sample will be taken in burning CME-IDO/bunker fuel blends.  A bunker fuel should be firs tested to be the base line data.

This sample methodology is taken from the project proposal entitled,  “Comparative Analysis of Physico-Chemical Characteristics between 20% and 25% CME Blend by Volume on Bunker Fuel and the Effect of Exhaust Gas Emission” by: Kristian G. Barario, Rhio C. Dimakiling, Orley G. Fadriquel and Manuel Robles.

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