Sample Project Proposal

Project proposal is a written to solve a technical problem according to Mills and Walter (1990).  It is also use as a basis for a feasibility study.  There are three major section of project proposal; introduction, technical section and summary.

Below is an example of project proposal, an excerpt project proposal from Tarlac State University.

I.    Project Profile

A.    Project Title : Linking TSU to the World’s Information Highway via internet
B.    Proponent: Engr. Wilson C. Fallorin, Director , Institute of Computer Studies
C.    Implementing College/Unit: University Research Office
D.    Stand Classification: Information Technology
E.    Project Site: University Research Office and/or Institute of Computer Studies, Tarlac State University
F.      Project Duration: September – December 2002
G.    Total Project Cost: Php 327,000.00
H.    Project Brief Executive Summary:

Internet is a global network of computer networks, linking millions of users around the world.  With internet, enormous information resources are available to the users.

Tarlac State University (TSU), once connected to this global network, can avail of the following services:

1.    File Transfer – which takes up a major portion of the traffic, allows one to copy and/or send files in a computer-to-computer medium, thus, minimizing dispatching time, without the use of messengerial services.
2.    Information Searching and Retrieval – enables a user to access or browse database files in electronic libraries around the world from the comfort of one’s desktop.
3.    Electronic Mail – which takes up a minor portion of data traffic and allows the exchange of electronic messages.
4.    Remote Login – offers users the capability to use computer resources, including supercomputers of other organizations on an agreed term of use.
5.    Online Conferencing or Electronic Bulletin Board – are available from users who want to participate in on going electronic conferences and discussions grouped by subject areas or expertise.

II.    Project Proposal Proper

A.    Rationale:

The Philippines is now a node in the world’s information highway.  This followed after country’s connection with INTERNET, was finalized with the installation of the required communication facilities and full operation of PHNet.

PHNet was created with the support of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), De La Salle University (DLSU), and the University of the Philippines at Diliman and Los Banos, to study the viability of establishing PHNet.  Other organizations and experts were also consulted in the process.

Considering the increasing demand for PHNet services, as seen in Phase 1 operation, DOST committed support for the first year operation of Phase 2, that is establishing a 64 kbps link to Internet (US)

This facility links nine primary nodes in four regions of the country – DOST, AMDU, DLSU, UP Diliman, UPLB, University of Santo Tomas, University of San Carlos (Cebu) Xavier University (Cagayan de Oro) and Saint Louis University (Baguio)

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