Cost Analysis of Comparative Analysis of Physico-Chemical Characteristics

Product Cost

The following data shows the prices of identified fuel oil

Bunker Fuel = 14.2617 php/liter
CME  = 70 php/liter

Cost per liter of Bunker Oil with 20% CME

1 liter = 1000 ml
1000 ml – 200 ml = 800 ml
800 ml (0.0142617 php/ml) = 12.55 php
200 ml (0.07 php/ml) = 14.00 php
Total Cost = 26.55 php

Cost per liter of Bunker Oil with 25% CME

1 liter = 1000 ml
1000 ml – 250 ml = 750 ml
750 ml (0.0142617 php/ml) = 10.70 php
250 ml (0.07 php/ml) = 17.50 php
Total Cost = 28.20 php

Evaluation and Benefits of the Project

The study will serve as a platform in providing technical support the widespread and efficient use of bio-diesel/bunker blended fuel.  Promoting the widespread use of bio-fuel blend will improve our environment while reducing dependence on foreign oil, stretching our fossil fuel reserves and providing value added markets for our coconut industry.

This sample cost analysis is taken from the project study entitled, “Comparative Analysis of Physico-Chemical Characteristics between 20% and 25% CME Blend by Volume on Bunker Fuel and the Effect of Exhaust Gas Emission” by: Kristian G. Barario, Rhio C. Dimakiling, Orley G. Fadriquel and Manuel Robles.

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