Sample Abstract for Project Proposal

The study deals with the comparative analysis of physico-chemical characteristics; between 20% and 25% CME by volume on the controlled samples of bunker fuel, and the effects of exhaust gas emission.

The blended fuel will be submitted to a qualified separate testing agency for physico-chemical analysis.  In physico-chemical characterization, specific results from testing the blend will concentrate on the following: the heating value of the blend, the calculated cetane index, kinematic viscosity, API gravity, flash point, sulfur content, pour point, and the bottom sediments and water.

Testing of exhaust gas emission will be done using flue gas analyzer.  The boiler pressure controller will be set at 1 kg/cm2 as its cut in pressure and 4 kg/cm2 as its cut-off and maximum operating pressure.  Boiler operating temperature will be set at 180 degree C.  Measurement of SOx, NOx, HC, CO, CO2 and other particulate matters at the stack will be made when boiler reaches its operating pressure and temperature.

Title: Comparative Analysis of Physico-Chemical Characteristics between 20% and 25% CME Blend by Volume on Bunker Fuel and the Effect of Exhaust Gas Emission
BY: Kristian G. Barario, Rhio C. Dimakiling, Orley G. Fadriquel and Manuel Robles

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