Sample Sponsorship Proposal Letter

Sponsorship proposal is written to offer to do business so it is important that your sponsorship proposal is attractive and well-defined. Make sure that you know what you will have to offer to your sponsor. Write a sponsorship proposal letter to your potential sponsor follow by calling them to assess the interest and seek an appointment to discuss the sponsorship.

Below is an example of sponsorship proposal letter:

Dear Mr. de Jesus:

Kapatiran Foundation invites you to become a sponsor for our quarterly singing challenge to benefit Kapatiran Scholars.

One of the primary sources of funding for singing challenge is from corporate sponsor just like you since our charitable event receives no government funds.

Singing Challenge event will he held on October 25, 2010 at 4:00 in the afternoon at Luisita Garden.  It is a Singing Contest for all ages, everyone will be invited to join.

As everyone knows our organization has provided scholarship program for those qualified students for the past twelve (12) years.  The funds provided by this event will be used for our scholars.

Your sponsorship will help a lot to assure the success of Singing Challenge. Hereby attached is more information on this exciting event and its sponsorship levels.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns at (012) 457145. I look forward to speaking with you at your convenience time.

Respectfully yours,

Imelda Malibiran
Kapatiran Representative

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Sample Grant Proposal Cover Letter

September 15, 2004

Mayor Rosalinda Santiago
Tondo Municipal Office
Tanawan, Batangas

Dear Mayor Santiago

This letter is to propose and submit the enclosed request for funding for your consideration.

The purpose of this request is to secure funding for the purchase of computer scanner to be used by Electronic Processing Department. This device is important in terms of digitizing images such as converting paper documents to digital formats and scanning receipts of clients.

Computer scanner will help be used to back up important paper files into digital format and saving it to the multiple locations. Other use of scanner is the ability ti scan and save print photos and documents into digital format.

The current cost of computer scanner is only Php 5,500.00.  This device is branded and heavy duty so it doing multiple scanning activities.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.

Sincerely yours,

Leonardo de Poldo
EDP President


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Fundraising Proposal

Fundraising proposal is written to ask some donation.  It should include organization name and logo as well as the description of your organization such as the vision and beneficiary of the organization.  Also, it should have the personnel abstract, objectives, goals, aims and the budget information. It should also provide the mission and vision of your organization and list down all your beneficiaries.

In the introduction section, it includes the overview and fundraising goals and relate it the beneficiary need. Highlights the benefits if ever the proposal will become successful/

Next to introduction will be the background section.  It should be written the reasons why you are asking for the donation.  Describe how will you complement beneficiary’s mission and comply with its fundraising guidelines.

Also, provides details for the budget and time schedule.  It should indicate the milestone dates for work accomplishment including progress report for the mobilization, sponsorship solicitations, invitations and venue reservation, marketing strategies, and so on.

The most important one is to identify the budget information such as the details of the financial statement as well the expenses.

The last part of your proposal could be the conclusion wherein you can reiterate proposed fundraiser’s benefits.

When writing a proposal, it should be short and concise.  It should also be easy to read by writing a short sentences and use bulleted list. Just make paragraph to less than ten (10) lines. Make sure to search for the correct spelling and grammar errors before sending it.

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Funding Proposal Outline

Funding proposal is written to request for money to complete a certain project such as humanitarian or community related projects.  A successful proposal should provide necessary information about the proposed project for the potential donor.

Some non-profit organization writes a funding proposal to find donors for their cause.  This is done to generate a large amount of money from several potential donors.  The funding proposal will be presented to businesses in the hope of finding donors.

A funding proposal usually starts with a title page that lists the name of the project and details about the organization

The following is a sample outline for funding proposal.  The below sample outline does not have to follow the exact format.

  • Introduction – It provides information about history and mission of the organization.
  • Statement of the Problem – It contains the problems try to address.
  • Statement of the Solution. – It lists the goals or objectives of the project. Also, it includes the organization description as well as the list of names with corresponding qualification of key personnel who will handle and manage the project.
  • Funding Request – It provides the amount of the grant request as well as the purpose of the grant. Projected cost of the total completed project and the detailed project budget, the list of amount with corresponding items needs to be purchased are also noted. It also includes the anticipated start and end of the project as well the approximate date when the grant funds will be needed. In addition, list of other sources of funding are also included.
  • Financial Information – It consist a copy of the organization’s income and expense statement for the current year and most recent fiscal year.
  • Evaluation – It provides the methods used to make the project successful. It also contains the reports on how the main sources of income will sustain the project.
  • Supporting Documents – It includes the required documents to support the projects.

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Sample Budget Format for Grant Proposal

A suggested budget format for a three year funding proposal:

ItemsYear 1               Year 2                Year 3
Personnel # 1
Personnel # 2
Personnel # 3
Personnel # 4

Facilities (pls. list)

Equipment (pls. list)

Supplies (pls. list)

Communication (pls. list)

In-land Travel (pls. list)
Provincial Trips
Car Rental
Per diem

Overall Total

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Writing Grant Proposal Budget

Your budget should be simple but realistic budget.  Also, you should carefully configure exactly what you will need and receive from your Funding Organization to implement your project and you will have to establish your budget around that figure.  Funding organization can easily know when someone has overpriced a budget in order to gain funds for other purposes since they receive plenty of requests for funding.

Some categories you may want to include in your budget proposal

–    Personnel and consultant’s salary and benefits
–    Instructors or implementors
–    Equipment
–    Office Supplies
–    Communication such as telephone, postage or courier
–    Materials preparation
–    In-land travel and provincial travel
–    Evaluation
–    Dissemination Seminars or Press Conferences
–    Rental of Seminar Venue
–    Press Releases  or Press Conference
–    Other expenses
–    Miscellaneous expenses

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Sample Letter Request Proposal for Medicines

September 28, 2009

Ms. Celmere Santos
San Juan, Metro Manila

Dear Ms. Santos:

We would like to ask your organization’s help in donating medicines and food to the people of city of Marikina, Philippines which were hit last September  24, 2009 by a killer flood disaster generated by two tropical typhoons, Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

Many people have been killed and injured by the rampaging mud water and the floating logs that hit the houses in the city during the height of the flooding.

Attached are some news clippings and pictures of the disaster.

Our organization, Sagip Bayan, are currently doing volunteer work in Marikina helping people clean up and rebuild their damaged or destroyed homes.

We have been cited by the local government of Marikina as one of the first NGO’s to come to the city to help in the clean up and the rehabilitation of the houses that were destroyed or damaged.

We will provide a team of volunteer medical doctors and nurses to help treat the injured and the sick scheduled to go to city on September 30, 2009.  For medicines, we will need antibiotics, antifungal preparations, anti-hypertesives, vitamins, antiseptics, cough preparations, plasters, band aids, and others.   For food, we would prefer to receive donations of prepared non-refrigerated packaged food including infant food preparations.

We look forward to your favorable answer to our request for help.

Thank you very much for any assistance you could extend to us.

Very truly yours,

Mayette Ramoss
Founder of Sagip Bayan

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Writing the Details for your Project Description

The following are the subsection of project description

  • Goals. It is often refer to a general, long term change such as a change in enterprise development, environmental awareness, drug prevention, employment generation, etc.
  • Objectives. It is a measurable outcome of your proposal or program given a specific time period.  It should be tangible, realistic, and challenging yet achievable by your organization. Also, it should be specific, concrete and measurable.
  • Program methods, design and plan of action. Identify how your project is expected to work and solve your stated problem or need.  You can include activities and output that will occur during the implementation, flow chart of the organizational requirements to illustrate various parts of your organization and plans for the measurable results.
  • Staffing.  Discuss the number of staff requirements, their qualifications, and specific assignments in your proposal.
  • Evaluation. Evaluation plan should be included in your proposal because it indicates that you take your objectives seriously and you want to know that you have achieved them at the end of your project.
  • Sustainability. Your project proposal should be made sustainable long after the funding has ended.

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Writing Executive Summary for your Grant Proposal

The project evaluator has no enough time to read the entire proposal so but only the executive summary.  Your executive summary should be concise and specific.  The key concern of the Funding Organization should be briefly identified and addressed in your Executive Summary in relation to your proposed project.

The best time to prepare your Executive Summary is after you have completed your entire proposal and you completely understand all aspects and the interplay of the components of your project proposal very well.

Make your Executive Summary be your last piece of writing when you write your proposal and then insert it at the beginning of your proposal.

Always remember to give your best writing performance in your Executive Summary.  Your Executive Summary will most likely form a very strong impression in the mind of your evaluator.

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Components of a Letter Proposal for your Grant Proposal

  1. Ask for the gift. Begin with a reference to your prior contact with your Funding Organization if any. State why you are writing and how much funding is required from your particular foundation, institution, etc.
  2. Describe your need. State why there is a need for a donation or grant for a piece of equipment, etc.
  3. Explain what you will do. Provide enough detail to attract your Funding Organization’s interest.
  4. Provide organization’s information. Include a bit more information about your organization by stating your mission/vision statement, a brief description of your programs offered, number of people that you have served, staff, volunteer, and Board of Trustees, etc.
  5. Include appropriate budget information. Indicate the total cost of your project proposal.
  6. End with a strong conclusion. It should have a strong concluding statement.
  7. Attach any additional information required. Include any supporting document to build strong and positive relationship for your organization’s future and the community you serve.

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