Components of a Letter Proposal for your Grant Proposal

  1. Ask for the gift. Begin with a reference to your prior contact with your Funding Organization if any. State why you are writing and how much funding is required from your particular foundation, institution, etc.
  2. Describe your need. State why there is a need for a donation or grant for a piece of equipment, etc.
  3. Explain what you will do. Provide enough detail to attract your Funding Organization’s interest.
  4. Provide organization’s information. Include a bit more information about your organization by stating your mission/vision statement, a brief description of your programs offered, number of people that you have served, staff, volunteer, and Board of Trustees, etc.
  5. Include appropriate budget information. Indicate the total cost of your project proposal.
  6. End with a strong conclusion. It should have a strong concluding statement.
  7. Attach any additional information required. Include any supporting document to build strong and positive relationship for your organization’s future and the community you serve.

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