Writing Grant Proposal Budget

Your budget should be simple but realistic budget.  Also, you should carefully configure exactly what you will need and receive from your Funding Organization to implement your project and you will have to establish your budget around that figure.  Funding organization can easily know when someone has overpriced a budget in order to gain funds for other purposes since they receive plenty of requests for funding.

Some categories you may want to include in your budget proposal

–    Personnel and consultant’s salary and benefits
–    Instructors or implementors
–    Equipment
–    Office Supplies
–    Communication such as telephone, postage or courier
–    Materials preparation
–    In-land travel and provincial travel
–    Evaluation
–    Dissemination Seminars or Press Conferences
–    Rental of Seminar Venue
–    Press Releases  or Press Conference
–    Other expenses
–    Miscellaneous expenses

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