Fundraising Proposal

Fundraising proposal is written to ask some donation.  It should include organization name and logo as well as the description of your organization such as the vision and beneficiary of the organization.  Also, it should have the personnel abstract, objectives, goals, aims and the budget information. It should also provide the mission and vision of your organization and list down all your beneficiaries.

In the introduction section, it includes the overview and fundraising goals and relate it the beneficiary need. Highlights the benefits if ever the proposal will become successful/

Next to introduction will be the background section.  It should be written the reasons why you are asking for the donation.  Describe how will you complement beneficiary’s mission and comply with its fundraising guidelines.

Also, provides details for the budget and time schedule.  It should indicate the milestone dates for work accomplishment including progress report for the mobilization, sponsorship solicitations, invitations and venue reservation, marketing strategies, and so on.

The most important one is to identify the budget information such as the details of the financial statement as well the expenses.

The last part of your proposal could be the conclusion wherein you can reiterate proposed fundraiser’s benefits.

When writing a proposal, it should be short and concise.  It should also be easy to read by writing a short sentences and use bulleted list. Just make paragraph to less than ten (10) lines. Make sure to search for the correct spelling and grammar errors before sending it.