Funding Proposal Outline

Funding proposal is written to request for money to complete a certain project such as humanitarian or community related projects.  A successful proposal should provide necessary information about the proposed project for the potential donor.

Some non-profit organization writes a funding proposal to find donors for their cause.  This is done to generate a large amount of money from several potential donors.  The funding proposal will be presented to businesses in the hope of finding donors.

A funding proposal usually starts with a title page that lists the name of the project and details about the organization

The following is a sample outline for funding proposal.  The below sample outline does not have to follow the exact format.

  • Introduction – It provides information about history and mission of the organization.
  • Statement of the Problem – It contains the problems try to address.
  • Statement of the Solution. – It lists the goals or objectives of the project. Also, it includes the organization description as well as the list of names with corresponding qualification of key personnel who will handle and manage the project.
  • Funding Request – It provides the amount of the grant request as well as the purpose of the grant. Projected cost of the total completed project and the detailed project budget, the list of amount with corresponding items needs to be purchased are also noted. It also includes the anticipated start and end of the project as well the approximate date when the grant funds will be needed. In addition, list of other sources of funding are also included.
  • Financial Information – It consist a copy of the organization’s income and expense statement for the current year and most recent fiscal year.
  • Evaluation – It provides the methods used to make the project successful. It also contains the reports on how the main sources of income will sustain the project.
  • Supporting Documents – It includes the required documents to support the projects.