Sample Recommendations

Recommendation is written to suggest something that is beneficial to everyone who will implement the proposed research or project.  It should be based on the results of your study. Also, it is written for the future researcher to discuss the actions to be taken place.


  1. A preliminary evaluation on the application of the incoming freshmen for civil engineering must be done discouraging those applicants whose reason for taking the course is due to the “influence of the parents and relatives”.  This might result to bigger passing percentage rate in the licensure examinations since most of our students will graduate from their field of interest.
  2. From the data shown, our Job Placement Center must device a program with regards to the employment of our graduates.
  3. A thorough study must be done why most of our graduates are working outside the country and outside the province.
  4. Regular activities for the graduates such as homecoming, meetings of officers, etc. must be considered which will be one of the faster means of getting an up to date data of the graduates.
  5. An Alumni Office must also be considered by the University of the College for the safekeeping of the graduates data.

Source: BPSU