Sample Findings in Proposal

Finding section refers to the results of the proposal or a research proposal.  It is written to inform the results of your study.


  1. With regards to the reasons why students are taking up civil engineering courses, “the influence of parents and relatives” still gave weights (35%) which can be one of the reason of the 30-35% average annual passing rate of the course in the Civil Engineering Licensure Examinations.
  2. Civil Engineering graduates have bigger employment rate based on the 80% result of the survey.
  3. Employment data also shows that civil engineering graduates were able to land for a job in half-year after they graduated or take the board examinations.
  4. Only three (3%) of those employed civil engineering graduates landed their job through our job placement program.
  5. Sixty two (62%) percent of those employed graduates are working in their chosen degree which shows that the civil engineering program answers the needs of the industry.
  6.  Twenty-one percent (21%) of the employed graduates are working outside the country and that only 28% of those working within the country are serving the province of Bataan.
  7. Good thing is that the curriculum of the BSCE program of the university still relevant to the needs of the industry having 89% response from those employed graduates.