Sample Problem Statement and Recommendation

Problems Encountered in the Conduct of Surveys and Actions Taken

•    Some of the graduates cannot be located from the addresses listed in the master list.
o    Secure the updated address or contact number from other CE graduates

•    Some of the graduates are not here in the Philippines.  They are presently working abroad.
o    Asked the immediate family members of the graduate to answer the questionnaire or get the email address of the graduate and send the questionnaire to them

•    Time availability of some graduates did not match with the availability of the enumerators.
o    Secure the contact numbers of the graduates and the project proponent will set an appointment for the enumerators through phone call.

•    Some of the graduates or relatives are not interested with the GTS.  Reasoning out that they are busy.
o    Just skip that graduates and go back to them some other time.

•    Some of the assigned graduates to enumerators are far and have a hard time finding them.
o    Swapping of assigned graduates from one enumerator to other enumerators will be allowed as long as they inform the proponent in advance.

•    No reply received from most of the email message sent to graduates working abroad
o    Still sending e-mail messages to them.

Source: BPSU