Sample of Work Activities and Schedule

It is very important to have a detailed work activities as well as the corresponding schedule so that you will know the flow of your project.  You should establish the timeline for completing work activity. Give enough each activity to complete associated task before the deadline.  Planning and organizing is one of the best ways to keep focused and makes it ensure to tackle all necessary steps for success. It allows to track progress for the activity.  Some use gantt chart to represent a project schedule since it is useful in planning how long a project would take. Gantt chart shows the amount of work done completed in a certain period of time.

The following is a Detailed Work Activities and Schedule for the Proposed Philippine Airlines Aviation Fuel Tank Farm Project:
Activities and Duration

  1. Site Inspection and Analysis of Berthing Facility – 1 month
  2. Design of Fuel Tanks – 1 month
  3. Design of Fuel Loading/Unloading Pump and Piping Facilities – 2 months
  4. Design of Fire Protection System for Fuel Tank, Fuel Pump House and Marne Berth – 2 months
  5. Design of Fire Protection System for Ancillary Structure – 3 months
  6. Design of Air Conditioning and Ventilation System  for Ancillary Structure  – 3 months
  7. Preparation of Technical Specifications – 3 months
  8. Preparation of Bill of Quantities – 1 month