Discussion of Results, Conclusion and Recommendation

Current System

  1. Records cannot be easily updated
  2. Having a hard time to scan the pages of a book
  3. Having a hard time to view all the information in just one time.
  4. Graduation students is the primary user of the system
  5. It is just a yearbook, no applications can be access

Proposed Annual Website

  1. Can add, edit, or delete record easily
  2. Can easily access the yearbook thru the internet
  3. Viewer friendly
  4. Anyone can be a user, who at least know how to surf on the internet are also qualified to use the Annual Website
  5. Can send information to other sites or to other people and to other country


Internet is the best way of connecting with other computers throughout the world.  Many people and companies wanted to be connected in the Internet and having your own web page is the key to this connection.
So we have come up with our general conclusion that having your own web page will turn to be a great help for yourself, your relatives as well as organizations and companies you are in to.  Another is that graduating students such as Computer Science students are glad and willing to have their information accessible in the internet based on survey we have made.


We highly recommend that all students must have their own web page for this will benefit them. We also suggest that these webpages be combined and come up with a yearbook accessible in the internet.

Discussion of Results, Conclusion and Recommendation
Discussion of Results