Sample Introduction, Product Overview and Rationale


Annual Website is a window based processing software.  It provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for inputting and modifying changes.  Also, it allows the user to choose what they want to click in the site.
Systems Requirements are as follows:

Hardware Requirements:

•    At least Pentium 500 MHz Processor
•    At least 64 MB of RAM
•    At least 2950 MB of 8212 MB Free Hard Disk Space
•    Standard Mouse
•    Keyboard

Software Requirements

•    Microsoft Windows 98/2000
•    Microsoft FrontPage 2000
•    Corel Draw 8
•    Internet Explorer

Overview of the Product

Annual Website is application software that access Web Pages through which you can avail of different topics or information within the Department of ComSci.  Basically, it serves as an annual or yearbook which is yearly by Bataan Heroes Memorial College.

Rationale of the Product

Annual Website is for keeping that information in a more understandable representation.  It initiates a home page in which you can easily access with other pages.  It is easier for the students to search in just one click of your mouse. Also, it is very convenient to use.