Parts of the Project Proposal

A. Project Profile

  • Title of the Project – specific name of the proposed project
  • Proponents – the persons or researchers who plan to conduct the project
  • Implementing College/Unit – specific unit or department who manage the project
  • Project Site – location of the project
  • Project Duration – span of time allotted for the compilation of the project
  • Total Project Cost – total amount needed to complete the project
  • Brief Executive Summary of the Project – general picture of the project proposal which consists 3 to 5 sentences.

B. Project Proposal Proper

  • Introduction – benefits derived from the project
  • Rationale – short background of the project
  • Project Description – discusses the vital information about the project such as nature, project site and beneficiaries
  • Objectives – long and short term goals of the project
  • Significance – importance of the project
  • Project Components / Strategies of Implementation – major activities of the project such as the methodology of implementation
  • Implementing schedule – list of activities that will be undertaken in chronological order with the corresponding time frame
  • Estimated budget – detailed breakdown of the budget for the project with the financial work plan

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