Vital Parts of Feasibility Study

A.    Summary of Project

  1. Name of Firm
  2. Location – head office and plant site
  3. Brief description of the product
  4. Highlights of major assumptions such as market projections, share and prices, investment costs, method of funding
  5. Summary of findings and conclusions on the following

a.    Market feasibility
b.    Technical feasibility
c.    Financial feasibility

B.    General Information – Describe the pre-operating period, during the operating period, labor, and professional firms or consultants to be hired, if any. Also, includes status of timetable of the project and other information such as pending litigations, information regarding intangibles, etc.

C.    Competitive position considering imported and/or substitute products.

D.    Marketing Program – description of the present marketing practices of competitors in the exports and domestic market. Projected export and proposed marketing program of the project.  It includes the contribution to the economy, plant layout, structure, raw materials, utilities, and waste disposal.

E.    Financial Feasibility – Total project cost, initial capital requirements, sources of financing, financial statements,  and financial analysis.

F.    Social Desirability – specific project contributions to the economy and society and social rate return.

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