Event Proposal

Event proposal is serves as business plan for the event. It is also start with an executive summary and then the details of the event. It is written if you are planning a department party, weddings, birthdays, grand alumni party, charity ball which is most likely view by clients or management.

Event proposal is written so that everyone on the organization knows exactly what the event is all about and knows every detail of the programs.  This event proposal will be viewed by different persons including potential clients and sponsors, marketers, and stakeholders

The contents of your proposal are the name of the event, description of the event, venue and facilities offered, food and beverages, event logistics, event program and event budget. Also, don’t forget the key people who will be working during the event.

You can include an introduction to your event proposal wherein you can describe your event by providing an overview of the event not only by mentioning the name of the event. Just provide a little more detailed information.

Also, mention the venue of the event to know if the venue is suitable for the event as well as the facilities available at the venue from toilets to parking. You can include the description of the venue such as the lighting, surface, seating, electronic equipment, furniture as well the number of rooms and bathroom.

You can include a map or floor diagram to be more specific.  Take note also the attraction in the event including performers, special guess, and officials. Describe how the venue will fully cater. Provide also a list of person that will be involved in your event proposal.

In addition, provide a map on how to find the venue and the available public vehicle transport to the venue and car parking for those who have a car.
At last, identify the budget for your event proposal.  It included the anticipated expenses and revenues from the event.
Other important aspect of your event proposal is the physical appearance.  Your event proposal should be presentable, professional and appealing.