How to Organize your Proposal

It is important to make your proposal organize so that your reader will easily understand your proposed project or plan.  Of course, to make your proposal organize, it is necessary to divide your proposal into designated parts wherein you can write it in different section of your proposal.
The following are some parts of your proposal so that it become organize:

  1. Abstract /Executive Summary– It contains the overview of your proposed project.  It should be clear and concise to capture the attention of your reader.  It provides objectives and purposes of the project and how to these will be successfully achieved.  The usual length of your abstract is about 250 words.
  2. Introduction – It summarized the problem as well as the solution to that problem. Also, it includes the aims, purposes and benefits of your project proposal.
  3. Review of Related Literature.  It provides background to understand the current knowledge.
  4. Statement of the Problem – It provides the issues or problems being solved.
  5. Objectives – It provides the purposes, aims and goals of your project proposal.  It should be specific not general.
  6. Methodology – It contains the methodology used to achieve the desired results. These methodologies include the steps and procedures being acquired.
  7. Personnel –  It discusses the organization structure such as personnel and staff that will involve in the project.
  8. Facilities – It provides facilities to be used in the project such as the list of equipment  and furniture.
  9. Time Frame – It includes the dates for completion of all activities or tasks as well as their sequence.  Also, it contains the milestones or deliverables.
  10. Appendices – It provides the sources of information such as books, journals and magazines.   It should be clearly labeled and contains supportive information related to your project proposal.