Schedule of Activities for Proposed Centralized Admission Program

Schedule of Activities for Proposed Admission Program

  1. Sending of Letters to the Principals of Secondary Schools and School to School Campaign / Career Guidance.  Maximum of Four (4) Guidance Personnel and One (1) Driver.
  2. PSU-CAT Application and Processing
  3. PSU-CAT Data Encoding and Checking of Answer Sheets
  4. Testing Dates
  5. PSU-CAT Results Finalization and Ranking. (Assigned Guidance Personnel and PSU-MIS Personnel)
  6. PSU-CAT Results Printing and Binding (All Guidance Personnel)
  7. Posting of Results and Distribution to Key University Officials and Deans of the PSU-CAT Results (All Guidance Personnel )

Target Dates
November  26  up to April 12, 2000

  1. Areas Covered (Bataan, Pampanga, Olongapo)
  2. Guidance and Admission Office
  3. PSU Main Guidance and Admission Office
  4. CEA Bldg.
  5. MIS Bldg.

Budget Requirements for the Proposed Admission Program

  1. LCD Projector, Laptop, Powerpoint Presentation
  2. Tarpaulin for wall and for poster
  3. Promotional Materials such as Career Guidance Posters, Customized Fans/Calendar, Ballpens, Flyers
  4. Meal and Gas Allowance
  5. Application Forms
  6. Bulletin Information
  7. OLSAT Eight Edition Answer
  8. Six Factor Personality Questionnaire includes test manual, test booklets, quick score answer sheets, profile forms)
  9. College Adjustment Scale includes manual, reusable booklet, autoscore forms