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Schedule of Activities for Proposed Centralized Admission Program

Schedule of Activities for Proposed Admission Program

  1. Sending of Letters to the Principals of Secondary Schools and School to School Campaign / Career Guidance.  Maximum of Four (4) Guidance Personnel and One (1) Driver.
  2. PSU-CAT Application and Processing
  3. PSU-CAT Data Encoding and Checking of Answer Sheets
  4. Testing Dates
  5. PSU-CAT Results Finalization and Ranking. (Assigned Guidance Personnel and PSU-MIS Personnel)
  6. PSU-CAT Results Printing and Binding (All Guidance Personnel)
  7. Posting of Results and Distribution to Key University Officials and Deans of the PSU-CAT Results (All Guidance Personnel )

Target Dates
November  26  up to April 12, 2000

  1. Areas Covered (Bataan, Pampanga, Olongapo)
  2. Guidance and Admission Office
  3. PSU Main Guidance and Admission Office
  4. CEA Bldg.
  5. MIS Bldg.

Budget Requirements for the Proposed Admission Program

  1. LCD Projector, Laptop, Powerpoint Presentation
  2. Tarpaulin for wall and for poster
  3. Promotional Materials such as Career Guidance Posters, Customized Fans/Calendar, Ballpens, Flyers
  4. Meal and Gas Allowance
  5. Application Forms
  6. Bulletin Information
  7. OLSAT Eight Edition Answer
  8. Six Factor Personality Questionnaire includes test manual, test booklets, quick score answer sheets, profile forms)
  9. College Adjustment Scale includes manual, reusable booklet, autoscore forms


School Proposal Cover Letter

November 12, 2011

Edgardo L. Rosanes, Ed.D.
University President
This Institution

Dear Sir:

Greetings of Peace and Gratitude!

As the University welcomes the second semester of A.Y. 2012 – 2013 with the senior high school students commencing on college entrance preparation, we are presenting to your kind office the proposed Admission Program for Academic Year 2012 – 2013.

A school to school information dissemination as the marketing campaign tool spearheads the activity list.  Then, the processing of the application and test administration follows.

To administer the college admission test, we would like to propose a two (2) day examination (February 18 and March 24, 2012) instead of the three (3) month long testing schedule.  Though it would require acquisition of additional testing materials, we believe that our university can cut cost on paying testing personnel fees, thus would be more advantageous to the university.

May this merit your approval.  Thank you for your usual support to the Guidance Office.

Respectfully yours,

Lenita L. Roxas
Guidance Coordinator

What is Proposal

Proposal is a communication which sells an idea, concept, piece of equipment or furniture, complex system and a service or anything else. A memorandum is also consider a proposal if contains a purchase of anything or suggesting a more effective system for the use of the company.

Also, a proposal defines a problem which has a purpose of solving it.  The suggested solution will be the proposal. It should convince the reader or panel that the proposed undertaking is feasible or superior to those submitted by competitors in cases of public biddings.

A proposal is also consider a sales tool since it should convinces the prospective client or customer to invest their money in the proposed product, idea or services.

There are two types of proposal including solicited and unsolicited proposal.  If the proposal is answering an invitation to bid it is called solicited proposal.  Many proposals are written in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) from a government or non profit agency.  Some small and medium sized businesses are now give out RFPs to fulfill their needs for best products and services.

When writing a proposal, it usually states the purpose as well as the background information of why you are proposing your suggestion and then state the solution to the problem.  Also, provide the cost that involves in your proposal and end up with the conclusion by restating the problem and the proposal solution.

Sample Introduction, Rationale, Objectives and Limitations



The Graduate Tracer Study (GTS) is aimed at generating data that shall be used by institutional and national policy makers .  GTS results can help the higher education institutions  (HEIs) in developing their curricula, deciding on program offerings, staffing patterns, faculty development and others.  At the national level, policy makers can be guided by GTS results in deciding on budget priorities, how to develop assistance programs can be developed for HEIs and how to redirect the course of higher education, among other (CHED-HEDP Graduate Tracer Study Training Program, May 23-24, Calamba, Laguna).

Truly, aside from the fact that one of the requirements of CHED for accreditations is to have a Graduate Tracer Study for HEIs, the CEA BPSU Civil Engineering program cannot deny that GTS is one area that need to be well enhanced and monitored for it to be more competitive and could easily adapt to the fasts changing socio-economic environment brought about by the new global order of competition, liberalization, privatization and globalization.  Especially now that the program is fast developing, its graduates must be will globalization.  Especially now that the program is fast developing, its graduates must be well monitored in order to determine its characteristics and how well it adapts to the current global order.

It this connection, faculties of CE program must assess its graduates for them to be able to determine and answers the needs of the society.  Thus, this GTS for BSCE program is being proposed.

Objectives of the GTS:

  1. To trace all graduates of BSCE program of BPSU from 2002-2008.
  2. To determine whether BSCE graduates are employed, underemployed and unemployed.
  3. To determine whether they are employed in relation with their profession or not.
  4. To establish linkage to the industry where they are employed.
  5. To assess if the BSCE program of BPSU-CEA still answers the needs of the society.


  1. The respondents are mostly from graduates residing in the province of Bataan that those residing outside the province where disregarded since they are comprised a very little percentage of the graduates.  Another reason is to lessen and save time and money.
  2. The percentage or error used in using the Slovin’s formula is Seven Percent (7%).

Source: BPSU – College of Engineering and Architecture

How to Organize your Proposal

It is important to make your proposal organize so that your reader will easily understand your proposed project or plan.  Of course, to make your proposal organize, it is necessary to divide your proposal into designated parts wherein you can write it in different section of your proposal.
The following are some parts of your proposal so that it become organize:

  1. Abstract /Executive Summary– It contains the overview of your proposed project.  It should be clear and concise to capture the attention of your reader.  It provides objectives and purposes of the project and how to these will be successfully achieved.  The usual length of your abstract is about 250 words.
  2. Introduction – It summarized the problem as well as the solution to that problem. Also, it includes the aims, purposes and benefits of your project proposal.
  3. Review of Related Literature.  It provides background to understand the current knowledge.
  4. Statement of the Problem – It provides the issues or problems being solved.
  5. Objectives – It provides the purposes, aims and goals of your project proposal.  It should be specific not general.
  6. Methodology – It contains the methodology used to achieve the desired results. These methodologies include the steps and procedures being acquired.
  7. Personnel –  It discusses the organization structure such as personnel and staff that will involve in the project.
  8. Facilities – It provides facilities to be used in the project such as the list of equipment  and furniture.
  9. Time Frame – It includes the dates for completion of all activities or tasks as well as their sequence.  Also, it contains the milestones or deliverables.
  10. Appendices – It provides the sources of information such as books, journals and magazines.   It should be clearly labeled and contains supportive information related to your project proposal.


Writing a Successful Proposal

Proposal is written with a purpose of improving services, developing new product and solving a certain problems.   It involves of describing a problem and proposing a solution to it. A successful proposal contains executive summary, statement of the problem, project description, financial analysis, organizational structure, conclusion and summary.

A successful proposal can be vital in winning a project. So it is important to writing your proposal in a right way.  Your executive summary should contain the reason for proposal as well as the summary of the proposal.  Decision-makers usually focus on the executive summary to know what the proposal is all about.

Also, state your goals and objectives of your proposal in the statement of the problem.  While in the project description, just describe your plans and details your project on how to achieve your goals and objectives.

Financial or budget analysis should also include in your proposal to know how your plan and project will be financed and explain operating expenses.

Organizational structure includes the people behind the project to be feasible such as hierarchy arrangement of personnel including their duties and responsibilities.  The last but not the least is the conclusion which provides the summary of your proposal.

Proposal for the Management

If you are one person who is concern in your company, you might want to write a proposal address to the management to make suggestion for their improvements.  Some reason why to write a proposal to management is to improve their services, to have new safety measures, new business venture, money saving ideas and other income generation ventures.

When writing proposal to the management, you should first identify current situations along with the problems and other issues that needs attention.   Once problem and objective have been identified, it now your time to explain to management your proposed solution to the problem.  Some examples or reason of your proposed solution will be new implement new rules and procedures as well as new safety measures or methods to improve processes.   Also you can propose to have a new product as a new source of income.  You can outline the details of how you will implement the changes you want to make. Then, specify the steps required to perform the change. Always makes the list of steps so that it will be easy to understand.

After identifying the steps, you are now ready to emphasize the main benefits of your proposal.  Some examples of benefits of your proposal are to generate income, increase efficiency and employee competence.  Make sure to convince that your proposal is beneficial to the management as well as to the company.

Always be ready to prepare the document that will support your argument because of possible objection to the proposal. Make sure to conduct market analysis and financial analysis to be presented to the management.

The last but not the least, proofread the proposal to avoid any possible errors including spelling or grammar.  Also, you can ask your friends, classmate, expert and adviser to review your proposal and get their opinions and ideas.

Advertising Proposal

An advertising proposal is usually written by agencies and advertising consultants for clients.  They proposed to have an advertising campaign so that the product or services make known to the general public or to the specific section of the public. People as consumers will have a choice available in the market. If a company or a client wants to sell a product, it is wisely to have an advertising campaign to sell the product to make the consumer interested.

Advertising proposal gives the client an outline as well the details, objectives, scope and goals of the advertising campaign. Also, it includes the marketing strategies to be used in order to have a successful advertising campaign. In addition, advertising proposal should have summarized of what to expect from it.  It should discuss the type of advertising campaign to be used whether it is print advertising, online advertising, or television.

Indicate the target market of the advertising campaign being recommended in the advertising proposal.  Explain the type of people trying to attract using the advertising campaign.  Include the spending and buying habits, age, interest, etc. as well as the materials used for example the questionnaires with analysis.

Specify also the budget and cost of the advertising campaign so that the client should decide whether the advertising budget is affordable and worth it.

Marketing Proposal

Marketing proposal is written as guidance of a businessmen and a client to establish objectives and expectations. Also, it is written to improve the current marketing plan.

As first step to write a marketing proposal, you should analyze the current market such as company’s competitors.  Also, research the prospective client as well as their ages, locations, occupation, social status, and economic status.

List your proposed improvements and strategies to the current market.  Present new and specific ideas for each problem as you list down your proposed solutions.

After a thorough analysis, you can now write an executive summary that summarizes your proposed solutions as well as the market analysis and prospective clients.  You should discuss the advantages and benefits of using your marketing ideas.

Also, explain how your marketing proposal will be implemented. Provide step by step procedures how to achieve a successful marketing strategy.

In addition, you must provide a budget or financial fees that outline the cost of plan, implementation and maintenance.

Last but not the least; conclusion is also included in your marketing proposal.  Conclusion should mention why it is the right choice and explain the expected results that will favor in the company.

Formal and Informal Proposal

Formal Proposal is usually respond to Request for Proposal (RFPs) from external source These RFPs is normally have specific guidelines and format for your proposal.  While in informal proposal is written as memos since it is a formal report within the organization or company.

The structure for informal proposal is much simple than informal proposal.  Informal proposal compose of purpose of your proposal and problem statement as well as background and scope. Scope is written to know the limitations of your proposal. Also, include the planned approach in order to solve the problem and how it will be implemented. Other components include personnel, facilities and equipment, budget and project timeline.  At the last part, you can write a conclusion which provides a summary of the entire proposal with the information of your contact details

Writing formal proposal is more difficult than informal proposal since the components if more complicated. In addition, external source will be given a format to be followed.  These components include cover letter, introduction, purpose of the proposal, methodology, project timetable, required facilities and equipment, resume, bibliography and appendices. Also you should include summary, table of contents and list of figures and tables.

Proposal is written to solve whether it is formal or informal proposal.  Examples of problems are outdated system, low volume of sales, slow processing of information, poor service, and many more.  These problems can be solved using methods that can be elaborate in your proposal through feasibility study and business plan.