Sample Executive Summary

Executive summary provides enough information for the reader to be acquainted with the full document without reading it. It usually contains background information, statement of the problem and a recommendation.

Title Proposal: Computerized Library System

For the past 10 years, Western University has been using a manual processing of library system. Due to increase students of the university, librarian has the hard time to provide accurate information for the students and instructors. The Librarian is not able to organize and maintain the library transaction such as recording of library holdings, acquisitions and purchases, and reader registrations.

With the said problem, the groups decided to propose a computerize library system that will lessen and eliminate the problem and work load of the librarian. The computerize system starts from storing the information of each books, students, and instructors into database file. It will automate the library transaction such as displaying book’s information and student’s information. Menu screens will allow the users to select options to update books and students information. Reports will be periodically produced and a variety of inquiry screens made available.

Computers had been a very powerful tool for progress, a reason that made every sectors of the society adapts the principle of computerization. As time goes by, the population of the student will continue to increase. The librarian will not be able to update the book files as well as student files. This will result in an increased of redundant and inaccurate information.

The group recommends computerizing the library system to eliminate the data redundancy errors and inconsistency of data. It is also recommended that at least two persons should be trained for the system.

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