Writing a Feasibility Study

Feasibility study is a document written to show the justification of a proposed policy, product, service or other charges in an organization.

A project study has several chapters or division embracing several aspects related to proposed project.  A study presented must be financially, economically, technically and socially feasible or viable.

Rules in Preparing Study

  1. The writer must know the nature of the proposed project very well.  Get technical expertise if necessary from qualified expert.
  2. The study must be loaded with statistics, data, documents and all information to support the study.
  3. Organize the project study properly.
  4. The estimation and projections shows must be close to realities.

Characteristics of Feasibility Study

  1. It helps the managers and other decision makers vote for or against an idea or select many other alternatives.
  2. It is often preceded by a proposal.
  3. It helps the reader to make a decision.
  4. It saves time, capital and effort

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