Sample Proposal – Computerized Lighting Control System

Development of Computerized Lighting Control System for Western Asia College


Modernization changed our lifestyle.  Technology empowers us to spend time and spaces in remarkable ways. Due to rapid technological changes new things produced a better way of doing things through the development of science and technology.

One of these changes is through the use of a computer controlled lighting system which is programmed to automatically turn on and turn off the light in unoccupied areas.  In this way, establishment will be able to save electricity and at the same time provide additional energy saving.

Statement of the Problem

Western Asia College had been using the traditional way of lighting off and on of lights in their classroom. Most of the time instructors and students are forgot to turn off the lights after class hour which result to too much electricity consumption.

lightning proposal

General Objective

– To develop a Computerized Lighting Control System for Bataan Heroes Memorial College

Specific Objective

-To design an automatic lighting control

Importance of the Study

This study aims not only to save electricity but also to provide additional energy saving by controlling the on and off periods more accurately.

Scope and Limitation

This computerized lighting control system is capable of turning on/off of lights of different room according to the scheduled time. However, despite of capabilities of this system, it limit the output to a number of eight, which can control eight ,220 volts,500mA devices, or by using a parallel connection to double or triple the number of output and also the software program is in static manner.

Expected Outcome

  • After the system being implemented, the school will reduces energy consumption since the lighting is automatically operated by a timer or PC software controlled system which is programmed to automatically turn on and turn off the light during and after classes.
  • Takes away the responsibility of the instructor and student to control the lighting.


The use of ULN2803 integrated circuit and relay combinations is the heart and brain of the system.  It’s already incorporates several components in a single package.  The software which was programmed in VB 6.0 is the application program that drives and controls the entire system.  It is also concluded that the system has a low percentage error in terms of time interval.


The researchers want to recommend to the future researcher on the hardware and software part of the study for further enhancement of the features and specification of the device such as:

  • The higher version of the application capable in using multiple monitoring and controlling system operations.
  • Enhance the number of output signals with the use of better Integrated circuits.
  • An internet based program that can access the system wherever you are

– An Excerpt from proposal of Computerized Lighting System


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