Coffee Shop Sample Proposal

Proposal is written to propose or give suggestion something for acceptance.

What to Include in your Coffee Shop Proposal

  • The location for your Coffee Shop

The location is one of the most important factors in order to have successful business venture. It defines the possible type of customer. Location should be near in school and offices such as inside malls or terminals. Location should be accessible to everyone. Also, location should have a parking area for the customers.


  • Concepts of your coffee shop and products

Concepts should be appealing to your target audience.  If your target audience is student, it should be related to their field of studies. Sample concepts are such as Science Laboratory Concepts where you use test tubes as your glass or Art concepts wherein students can have an area wherein they will be able to paint or create an art.


  • Name of your proposed Coffee Shop

The name of your coffee shop should be related to your concepts.


  • Amount of capital needed

Includes how much capital is needed in order to


  • Business permits

List a requirements needed for the coffee shop business.


  • List of recipes and menus

Provides a list of recipes and menus you are going to sell in your coffee shop including the drinks you are going to serve as well as the main dish or main menu.


  • Product Suppliers

Includes the suppliers of your ingredients or you are going to purchase or buy it a low cost with great taste.


  • Employees and management

Worker of your coffee shop can compose of 2 to 4 workers or employees.  One is in the cashier, the other one will be the server and other will prepared for the food. Also, it should have a manager that will monitor the daily income of the coffee shop and manages the finances and expenses of the business.


  • Projected income

The forecast daily and monthly income should be included. Balance sheet and income statement can be attached to your proposal as well as the cost-benefit analysis.

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Sample Proposal for Business

The right thing to do is to write a proposal before having a business whether it a restaurant or catering business in order to know the pros and cons of your proposal.  Nowadays, it is very important that you write a business proposal because of down economy, establishing a business is never easy.
The following elements are necessary to create a business proposal.

  • Executive Summary.  It is a brief description of the company.  This will allow your reader what your business is all about.
  • Business Objectives.  It contains the goals of your business to be achieved for the next three to four years.  It shows the details how to achieve your business objectives.
  • Start up Capital.  It provides the details of your capital including your cash as well as the equipment and furniture to be used in your business. All costs and expenses during the start up of your business are included.
  • Market Analysis.  One of the most important on business is to analyze the market.  Specify the market details including competitors. This will determine how your business will be competitive.
  • Marketing Strategy. If you know the market already, you should decide the market strategy to be used in order to have a successful business.  Using such marketing strategy, you will now forecast the sales based on your strategy.
  • Business Management. It outlines how you will manage the entire business.
  • Organizational Structure. It shows the organization chart of employees including how they ranked as well as the number of employees and their responsibilities.
  • Financial Plan.  It details the revenue for the next three to four years.  These estimates are just imaginary but it should be accurate as possible.

Some use a sample business proposal to be used as guidelines to their writings however it is necessary to take extra caution when using sample business proposal found in the net and other sources.  Not all sample business proposal is right to copy, it is just used as your guidelines.

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Research Proposal

Research proposal is a written document which provides detailed information about the proposed program. It is addressed a particular topic or issue like academic or scientific issue. Some research proposal

Your research proposal should convince your audience that you have a valuable and useful project and you have the capability to complete it. It should contain all key information involved in the research process as well as enough data for the audience or reader to evaluate your proposed study.

One of the difficult tasks in the beginning is to choose a topic.  Of course, to choose a topic, it should be interested to you. Choose a topic that you want to study and turn it into question.  Make sure also that you have enough resources of information about your chosen topic.

The elements or parts of a research proposal includes introduction, statement of the problem, purpose of the problem, study question and hypothesis, significance of the study, definition of terms, and limitation of the study.  Also, it should have related literature review and methodology. In methodology, you can include the samples, instruments, procedure and designs and statistics procedure.

Other format of research proposal includes abstract, problem statement, background of the problem, research design, expected results, and references.  Format or elements of research proposal is always depends on you on what is your research all about and the reason of writing the research proposal.

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Sample Proposal: Computerized Payroll System for ABC Store

To: Engr. Ricardo Lim
From: Maya Grace Hipolito
Date: January 12, 2005
Subject: A proposal to purchase a Computerized Payroll System (CPS)


I am writing to propose a solution to a problem in my accounting department.  The problem is that the manual payroll system is experiencing slow processing of data and also very costly since it takes up lot of time, resources and money. Our accounting personnel will need to have an overtime pay since they extend time to compute the payroll of our employees.  Ordering a computerized payroll system will minimize errors, time, money and resources.

Problem with the Current Payroll system

As of now, we have 2,000 employees so the payroll system is really a big task to our accounting department.  Using our current payroll system, there is a delayed salary of employees due to tedious task of computing wages and payroll tax computation as well as voluntary deduction. In addition, there is a high room for errors since more manual computations the more errors prone to make.

Solution to the Problem

A purchase of a computerized payroll system will make payroll processing faster and efficient. I propose to order computerized payroll software from ABC Software House.  XYZ Enterprise and Digi Innovative Corporation are already using a Computerized Payroll System. It is about time to make a change since our company becomes bigger and bigger.

The following are some benefits of Computerized Payroll System

  • Accurate and faster processing of data since there is no manual computation of payroll. Calculation is correct as long as the inputted data is correct.
  •   Convenience to use. It records and tracks everything wherever you are in just one click.
  •  Payroll deduction processing makes easy.  There is a withholding tax tables, SSS table, Philhealth table embedded in the system and figures employee salaries.
  •   Process 13th month pay with tax adjustment upon resignation or during year end.
  •   Automatic deduction for loan since it has the loan status monitoring
  •   Provides report for payroll reports automatically including pay slip, Payroll Account Summary, Monthly contribution (SSS, Philhealth, Pag-ibig, etc.) and other customized reports.


The cost of a Computerized Payroll System is Php 50,000.  Free demo and tutorial for our accounting staff as well with three (3) months training using the Computerized Payroll System. They will help during the period of transition. It is user-friendly and it is easy to install.

We already have a hardware requirements for Computerized Payroll System (CPS), we only need is a software that will be installed in our computer and laptops.


In conclusion, I think it is a great benefit to our company for you to approve this proposal and order a Computerized Payroll System.

Purchasing payroll system will provide business management solutions through the financial record of employees’ salaries, bonuses, net pay and deductions that it can generate.

Computerized payroll system will eliminate the manual payroll processing which requires our accountant to perform all payroll tasks manually.  Using a manual payroll processing is a time consuming and also there have a chance for errors.

I really hope that you will think of approving this proposal for our accounting department.  Our employee will get satisfaction as well our accounting staff that a manual process cannot provide.

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Some Characteristics of a Sample Proposal

Many students nowadays are using computer for their research and projects. They often search for the sample work so that they can be used it as a guide to their research or project.  Some sample work is a sample proposal.   Students and researcher must aware that they get the best sample proposal. Below is some characteristics of a good proposal.

  •  The objectives and goals of the project is clearly stated and given in detail.
  • Make sure to have complete parts of a proposal including title page, abstract, introduction, methodology, facilities, personnel, duration, project cost, conclusion and appendix.
  • Methods and procedures is the heart of the proposal so activities and methodologies to be used should be described with as much detail as possible and the continuity between them should be visible.
  • There is a complete and detailed schedule of activities for the projects.
  • Budget and cost of the project are consistent.
  • All major issues should be indicated in the proposal guidelines and are clearly addressed in the proposal.
  • The uses of money are indicated in the proposal narrative as well as in the budget.
  • The qualifications of personnel or staff are clearly communicated.
  • Writing style should be clear and brief to help the reader understand the problem and the proposal.
  • Appendices should be used appropriately


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Sample Proposal for One (1) Storey Four Door Apartment

Project Title: Proposed One (1) Storey Four Door Apartment
Location: Lot 1 Blk 14 Hayde Subd., San Fernando Pampanga
Owner: Jhony Deffand Eliza Deff, spouses

General Conditions of the Contract

This agreement is made and enters into this __________, by and between Architect Luisa R. Sy, Lot 2, Blk 3 Chocolate Subd. San Fernando Pampanga , and ___________, owner of B1 Lot 3, Villa Quintana, San Fernando, Pampanga.

The parties hereto, for in consideration hereinafter, hereby covenant and agreed as follows:

1.    That the Architect hires by the contracting party under this contract to do work construction and supervision of One (1) Storey Four Door Apartment with a total floor area of 82.25 square meters (5.50 x 5.50 meter).

2.    That the general conditions of the contract, specifications, plan, as well as drawings relating hereto form the integral part of the contract.

3.    Scope of Work

a.    The architect, in consideration of the payment to be made by the Owner the sum of money hereinafter named, agrees to furnish all labor, materials, equipment tools and other facilities and the satisfactory and faithful performance of all works necessary to commence and complete the project ready for use as shown on the drawing the specifications, instructions and other related documents as prepared by Architect.
b.    The entire work of the construction of the proposed project shall be under the supervision of the Architect
c.    When the work is completed, the Architect shall remove and properly dispose all the temporary structures, materials and rubbish of every sort and leave the premises and ground in good condition.
d.    As agreed, in behalf of the owner the architect will apply and process the building and occupancy permits, however all payments for the permits shall be paid by the architect and included in the lump sum contract.
e.    Electricity and water services shall be provided and secured by the owner.
f.    As such, specification of materials and finishes of the building are included and part of the contract.

4.    Changes

These are alterations, additions or omissions of work or materials specified or shown in the drawings during the progress of construction
a.    All changes on the approved plans shall be approved by the Architect and Owner.
b.    If such changes are made the corresponding value or amount must be agreed upon in writing or mutual between the Owner and the Architect.

5.    Schedule of construction

The work to be performed by the contractor/architect under this contract shall be commenced upon approval and securing repair permit and not later than ________ 2011 and shall be completed on later than ___________ 2011 unless an extension of time has been authorized or approved by the Owner in writing.

6.    Work under this contract may be discharge by performance if both parties are able to comply with their respective obligations

7.    The Contract Sum

a.    The Owner agrees that for and in consideration of the faithful performance by the Architect/Contractor in accordance with the provisions of this contract, he/she shall pay the architect/contractor, in a manner provided therein, the amount ____________
b.    It is expressly agreed by both parties that no change shall be made in the above mentioned contract amount as a result of any fluctuation on the cost of materials, and/or labor.

8.    Payments

a.    Partial payments shall be made by the Owner on account of the Architect of this contract as follows:

_________ final and full payment upon building turnover and submitting the certificate of completion and occupancy permit to the owner.

–    Should the owner fail to pay within 30 days the sum due to the Architect she/he shall receive from the owner an additional as interest at the legal rate in force.

The parties to this agreement hereby agree to full performance of the covenants contained herein.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties to this Agreement have on the day and year first above given, hereunto set their hands at the bottom of this page and on the left hand margin of all other pages of this Agreement.



Signed in the presence of



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Sample Proposal for MRT Project to Link Bulacan Edsa

Estimated Project Cost: $1.2 Billion

Timetable:  Targetted for completion by 2005


  • A consortium of big local and foreign investors.
  • The Manila-based development group EL International Holdings which is part of the EL group of Companies of HongKong, which has teamed up with local groups EEI Corp. of the Yuchengco family and TCGI Engineers.
  • Other partners are the Tyco International group of the United States, the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical and electronic components and global infrastructure giant Alstom of France, which are participating through respective units Earth Tech and Alstom Phils.


  • Make the transportation system more efficient.
  • Decongest Metro Manila of heavy traffic because of provincial buses.
  • Educate the riding public on how to deal with intermodal public transport they way it is dealt with in most major cities in the world.
  • Promote into modal transport in the subject transport zone and accelerate/ease the movement of people, goods and services, specifically: cut travel by 50-80% or more, attain efficiencies in economic and social transactions in the areas of Bulacan and between Bulacan and Metro Manila.

Medium-to-long-term objectives: to spur the development in the subject areas; partially help ease the traffic and population problems in Metro Manila, among others.


  • A mass railway system to link Marilao in Bulacan to Edsa-Quezon Avenue through a build-operate-transfer (BOT) project with the government.
  • One of its main features will be a bus terminal facility north of Manila in Bulacan so that provincial buses will be encouraged to drop off the passengers there and they can, then proceed to the MRT.
  • The proposed 20-kilometer MRT will begin its route from Marilao, passing through the La Mesa Dam reservoir, Fairview, Batasan, U.P. in Diliman, Philcoa and Edsa-Quezon Avenue.

* An excerpt from proposal for MRT Project

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Prepaid Kilowatt-hour Meter / Prepaid Electricity

By: Engr. Josielyn Briones


The discovery of wireless communication of cellular phones today has always been a great reward in this century for the ingenuity of human’s continuous exploration for easy living.
The cellular phones and telecommunication and network providers offer us faster and efficient ways to save our time and human energy in dealing with our monthly routine such as bank-to-bank payments for electric bill, water bill, cash deposit, etc., and amazingly, everything has been done through text messaging alone.

Even the metering of households and company’s electric consumption has been patterned to the ballooning figures in communication via open atmosphere.

The combination of electric and electronic features of prepaid kilowatt-hour meter has been considered one of the breakthroughs in rendering service of electric company.

The prepaid technology helped a lot of companies to cut their budget in production, and this technology secures irresponsible tenants for commercial and leasing establishments from escaping for their own power supply.

The fast revolution of wireless technology brought advent for everything prepaid, from cellphone loads to every device or transaction that can be digitalized or electronically manufactured.

Background of the Study

Prepaid Kilowatt-hour Meter features remote re/connection of power supply through GSM module, and Microcontrollers Unit (MCU), reducing the monotonous and labor-intensive meter reading. Its theoretical backbone was patterned from prepaid technology. Thus, owners can determine expenses, and poses good measure for energy conservation.

It will be processed in MCU triggering the contactor that re/connects the supply from mains to meters.  This study foresees practicality in the future for commercial applications.


General Objective

The general objective of the study is to produce simple prototype design of a prepaid kilowatt-hour meter as well as to apply the theories of engineering in designing this project.

Specific Objectives
1.To determine if the study is viable for commercial and large-scale application.
2.To determine the advantages and disadvantages of using such a device.
3. To enumerate the unique functions and uses of this prototype.

Significance of the Study

This research may provide an alternative solution to the problem of monotonous and labor-intensive meter reading of electric company personnel; and tedious payment of bill, to the part of consumers. It may also be recommended to commercial and leasing establishments where tenants are held accountable for their own electric bill.

Scope and Limitations

The main feature of the designed prototype is to electrically load the watt-hour meter and automatically trip the electrical supply of the power provider to the consumer’s line if the prepaid load is already consumed.  It is limited to single-phase supply, so as its watt-hour meter.  The GSM module is signal-dependent from its network provider.

Resource Requirement


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Proposal Sample – Portable Wind Energy Generator Charger

Design a Portable Wind Energy Generator Charger

Introductionportable wind generator

In today’s generation, cell phone chargers are inseparable entity of any cell phone.  There is no cell phone in the world which is free of its chargers.  With the advent of new sophisticated cell phone in the market, cell phone users are paying much importance to its charger.

The portable wind energy generator charger is a project that aims to harness natural sources of energy. With traditional energy sources running low, and process rising, most people are taking advantage of “free” energy as long as it can be implemented safely.  Using this gadget, cell phone can be charge anywhere and anytime.

In conclusion, the wind power generation is an ideal alternative power energy source. It gives us savings and cleans the air we breathe in. The benefits actually have a chain reaction of positive effects around the globe. It will lower the price of fuel, it will improve our economy, and we will have a cleaner environment.


Background of the Study

Electric Charger is the indispensable item for any owner of a cell phone, iPod or other rechargeable electronic device.  Cell phone users always want to turn on their cell phone to stay connected with their friends and relatives. In case of power failure, cell phone users cannot use their electric charger to charge electricity.

The researcher comes up to design a portable wind energy generator charger to keep cell phone fully charged even miles away from conventional electricity. It is an ultimate reliable emergency power supplies for cell phones because it never gets used up and never wears out or stop working.


General Objective

  • Develop Adjustable Wind-Powered Electric Generator

Specific Objectives

  • To design a Portable Wind-Power Generator Charger
  • To determine the minimum requirements for the selection of a location where to prototype can be implemented
  • To test the prototype in terms of accuracy and the relationship of the wind speed and voltage output

Scope and Limitation

The study focuses mainly on the design and construction of an efficient electric generator system, powered by the wind.  The generator produces a voltage rating up to 6 volts maximum and a minimum of 1.25 volts, adjustable, with a power rating of 5 watts.

The study aims to provide a quality power source.  This project is expected to supply electricity to support minimum energy consumption.  This can be applied in the use of a low powered device, which, in this study is a mobile phone, the Nokia cell phones.

Wind energy is the only energy source that can be utilized in this study.  So, only areas that are subjected to little or no wind movement at all may or may not benefit from this study.  The generator system operates at a minimum wind speed of 6.9695 meters per second or 25.0901 kilometers per second.

Schedule of Activities

* an excerpt from the proposal of wind-energy generator charger

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Sample Proposal – Computerized Lighting Control System

Development of Computerized Lighting Control System for Western Asia College


Modernization changed our lifestyle.  Technology empowers us to spend time and spaces in remarkable ways. Due to rapid technological changes new things produced a better way of doing things through the development of science and technology.

One of these changes is through the use of a computer controlled lighting system which is programmed to automatically turn on and turn off the light in unoccupied areas.  In this way, establishment will be able to save electricity and at the same time provide additional energy saving.

Statement of the Problem

Western Asia College had been using the traditional way of lighting off and on of lights in their classroom. Most of the time instructors and students are forgot to turn off the lights after class hour which result to too much electricity consumption.

lightning proposal

General Objective

– To develop a Computerized Lighting Control System for Bataan Heroes Memorial College

Specific Objective

-To design an automatic lighting control

Importance of the Study

This study aims not only to save electricity but also to provide additional energy saving by controlling the on and off periods more accurately.

Scope and Limitation

This computerized lighting control system is capable of turning on/off of lights of different room according to the scheduled time. However, despite of capabilities of this system, it limit the output to a number of eight, which can control eight ,220 volts,500mA devices, or by using a parallel connection to double or triple the number of output and also the software program is in static manner.

Expected Outcome

  • After the system being implemented, the school will reduces energy consumption since the lighting is automatically operated by a timer or PC software controlled system which is programmed to automatically turn on and turn off the light during and after classes.
  • Takes away the responsibility of the instructor and student to control the lighting.


The use of ULN2803 integrated circuit and relay combinations is the heart and brain of the system.  It’s already incorporates several components in a single package.  The software which was programmed in VB 6.0 is the application program that drives and controls the entire system.  It is also concluded that the system has a low percentage error in terms of time interval.


The researchers want to recommend to the future researcher on the hardware and software part of the study for further enhancement of the features and specification of the device such as:

  • The higher version of the application capable in using multiple monitoring and controlling system operations.
  • Enhance the number of output signals with the use of better Integrated circuits.
  • An internet based program that can access the system wherever you are

– An Excerpt from proposal of Computerized Lighting System


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