Proposal Sample – Portable Wind Energy Generator Charger

Design a Portable Wind Energy Generator Charger

Introductionportable wind generator

In today’s generation, cell phone chargers are inseparable entity of any cell phone.  There is no cell phone in the world which is free of its chargers.  With the advent of new sophisticated cell phone in the market, cell phone users are paying much importance to its charger.

The portable wind energy generator charger is a project that aims to harness natural sources of energy. With traditional energy sources running low, and process rising, most people are taking advantage of “free” energy as long as it can be implemented safely.  Using this gadget, cell phone can be charge anywhere and anytime.

In conclusion, the wind power generation is an ideal alternative power energy source. It gives us savings and cleans the air we breathe in. The benefits actually have a chain reaction of positive effects around the globe. It will lower the price of fuel, it will improve our economy, and we will have a cleaner environment.


Background of the Study

Electric Charger is the indispensable item for any owner of a cell phone, iPod or other rechargeable electronic device.  Cell phone users always want to turn on their cell phone to stay connected with their friends and relatives. In case of power failure, cell phone users cannot use their electric charger to charge electricity.

The researcher comes up to design a portable wind energy generator charger to keep cell phone fully charged even miles away from conventional electricity. It is an ultimate reliable emergency power supplies for cell phones because it never gets used up and never wears out or stop working.


General Objective

  • Develop Adjustable Wind-Powered Electric Generator

Specific Objectives

  • To design a Portable Wind-Power Generator Charger
  • To determine the minimum requirements for the selection of a location where to prototype can be implemented
  • To test the prototype in terms of accuracy and the relationship of the wind speed and voltage output

Scope and Limitation

The study focuses mainly on the design and construction of an efficient electric generator system, powered by the wind.  The generator produces a voltage rating up to 6 volts maximum and a minimum of 1.25 volts, adjustable, with a power rating of 5 watts.

The study aims to provide a quality power source.  This project is expected to supply electricity to support minimum energy consumption.  This can be applied in the use of a low powered device, which, in this study is a mobile phone, the Nokia cell phones.

Wind energy is the only energy source that can be utilized in this study.  So, only areas that are subjected to little or no wind movement at all may or may not benefit from this study.  The generator system operates at a minimum wind speed of 6.9695 meters per second or 25.0901 kilometers per second.

Schedule of Activities

* an excerpt from the proposal of wind-energy generator charger

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