Pinoy Food Cart to franchise

food card franchisingFilipinos loves to eat that’s why we can find food carts anywhere such as in the malls, terminals, office building, and train station which offers quick meals.  Food carts offers anything from flavored French fries, pop corn, siomai, dimpsun, fruits shakes, and many more.

The following are some of the pinoy food card available for franchise:

  1. Hong Kong Style Noodles.  It offers stir-fried noodles, bean sprouts, and dimpsun. The fun part is the customer is the one who makes own noodles sauce with the choices of teriyaki, Szechuan, chili, oyster, and peanut sauce.
  2. Potato Corner. It became popular because of their yummy flavored French fries such as cheese, barbeque and sour cream flavor.
  3. Paotsin. It serves steamed or fried dumplings and dumpling meals.
  4. Frutas.  Healthy thirst quencher including fruits shakes with variety of choices such as mango shakes, banana shakes, watermelon, apple and strawberries shakes mixed with milk and honey.
  5. Waffle Time. It provides their customer an affordable waffles which comes from different fillings including hotdogs, pineapple, swiss chocolate, barbarian cream, tuna and salad bacon.
  6. King Corn. It offers quick corn snacks such as the corn on the cob, shredded corn kernels flavored with salt, butter, cheese and pop corns.
  7. Holy Kettle Corn. It serves great tasting popcorn without butter and preservatives. It made up of natural sweetener such as molasses, honey and sugar.
  8. Siomai House.  Customer loves their pork and shrimp siomai tops with chili garlic bits.
  9. Plato Wraps. It offers grilled wrap sandwiches with varieties of fillings such as chicken, ham and cheese, tuna or veggies with olive oil.
  10. Pizza Pedrico.  Their pizzas have different toppings to choose including chorizo and cheese, ham and cheese, sausage and cheese, cheese and cheese,  and many the combination of many toppings

Many former overseas workers and retired employees are prefers to franchise food cart because it is much cheaper, less rent or lease, transferable, easy to operate and manage, less personnel or employees, offers only limited products and needs only small space