Sample Acknowledgement

This project proposal has been completed by the researcher with the help of the employee of Petron Refinery Power Plant and the agencies involved in reverse osmosis plant.  With their assistances and support, the research wishes to express his sincerest gratitude most specially to the persons whose names and significances are mentioned below:

Engr. ARNOLD R. SANTOS, research, adviser, for giving constructive criticisms that challenged the researcher to do a valuable special project;

Dr. Emmanuel D. Escudero, the Director of the Graduate Program for his comments and valuable suggestions during the oral defense of the document, and for widely opening the researcher’s view of what must be done to obtain good document;

acknowledgment sample

To the members of the Oral Defense Committee namely Dr. Theresa R. Naguit, Dr. Jose R. Magtanong, Dr. Jcmer Navarro, Engr. Ronaldo R. Magsaysay, for their contributions in improving the document through their important suggestions and making the tasks seem not too hard to achieve a successful research study;
Friends and Classmate, for not leaving us through the most difficult part of this research study.

Beloved Family most especially to my Girlfriend, whose love and joy cannot be measured by any gauge ever made by man; and

The greatest of all, ALMIGHTY GOD, for giving me strength, good health, blessings and determination to go through all this.

My success, from thou I owed!