Sample Car Insurance Proposal

Motor Car Proposal

Here is our proposal for you newly purchase vehicle:

Risk Factors:

Type: Motor Car Insurance
Assured: Ronald H. Santos
Plate No. Brand New
Unit: 2017 Isuzu mu-X 3.0 LS-A 4x2AT BluePower
Participation: 3,000


Own Damage/Theft
• Sum Insured: Php 1,598,000.00
• Premium: 15,980.00

Acts of Nature
• Sum Insured: Php 1,598,000.00
• Premium: 7,990.00

Bodily Injury
• Sum Insured: Php 200,000.00
• Premium: 510.00

Property Damage
• Sum Insured: Php 200,000.00
• Premium: 1,320.00

Total Premium: Php 25,800.00
DST: Php 3,225.00
VAT: Php 3,096.00
LGT: 51.60

Total Amount Due: Php 32,172.60


For inquiries, please call and look for Ethel at 091645774.

Thank you and best regards,

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Business Proposal Outline

Business proposal is a written to offer particular product or services to potential client. It is consider one of the critical documents because you have to convince your potential client so it is important to make a business proposal outline to use as guide to your writing.

Here is a sample business proposal outline:

I. Title Page

It contains the title of your business proposal, company name, date, etc.

II. Executive Summary

It provides the summary of a problem being solved, proposed solution, market, competition and financial highlights. Keep it simple and brief that your audience will be able to have an idea about your business proposal. It should get the attention of your audience in order to further read other details and make it interesting.

III. Description of Products and Services

Show the problems to you client and describe your proposed solution. Provide the benefits as you define the products you are selling or services you are offering.

IV. Market Analysis

It contains your market such as the type of customer you are looking for as well as the market trends. Describe also the competitors and know if there is still a room for you. It also explain the market trends, market needs, market growth, target customer, future markets, competitors, etc.

V. Strategy and Implementation

It describes the marketing plan, sales plan, location, facilities, technology as well as the equipment to be used.

VI. Financial Analysis

This section provides the projected profit and loss, cash flow tables as well as the assumptions you are making. Highlights the budget need to launch your business proposal. In addition, a balance sheet, sales forecast and break even analysis can be included in this section.

VII. Company Profile

It includes the company history, company vision and ownership. Also, it contains information about organization of your business as well the member of your management team.

VIII. Reference

It provides the list of references used for your business proposal.

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Business Ideas for Filipinos

Everyone should think to have their own business. But of course, before engaging yourself to a business venture, make sure that you know everything about it. You can make feasibility study so that you may know if the kind of business is suited to your place or area and to make sure that your chosen business is profitable.

Here are some business ideas:

1. Food Cart Franchise

Choosing a food cart that suited to your location can be an option to have your own business. It is a budget friendly option compared to fast food franchise.

2. Convenience Store

Convenience store is open for 24 hours a day and you can offers different goods and it can surely profitable.

3. Bakery

As long as have a good area for bakery, it can be a good venture.

4. Water Refilling Station

Water is necessity in human beings. Today, water business is very common. Water refilling station is a good start-up business because it is easy to run, just make sure that you are producing safe and clean water.

5. Fast Food

Fast food chain is very popular nowadays since people are always busy and there is no time for preparing foods. Franchising a famous fast food is surely a success.

6. Coffee Shop

Most Filipinos loves coffee so coffee shop is also a good business venture. Make sure that your coffee shop has good ambiance to attract customer.

7. Grocery Store

Grocery items are also necessity for a living so grocery store is also good investment as long as you find the right location for your store and offers a variety of items.

8. Personal Care

Filipinos is also known as self-conscious so franchising a products endorsed by popular artist or celebrities will be successful business venture.

9. Service type business

Establishing business type business is also good start up business such as establishing a parlor or laundry shop. Check the kind of service needs to make sure that people will patronize your business.

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Business Proposal Format

business-proposalOne of the important part of business venture is a business proposal. No one will invest and take your idea without thorough research on every aspect of your business idea.

Here are an example of business proposal format

Executive Summary

It contains the brief outline of the company’s purpose and goals. You must catch the attention of your reader by writing the most concise and informational summary. It should be fit on one or two pages which includes a brief description of products and services, objectives, description of the market, growth potential, and overview of funding requirements.

I. General Company Description

It provides company’s goals and objectives, business philosophy, and industry description.

II. Products and Services

It includes description of products and services and competitive advantages and disadvantages.

III. Marketing Plan

It should mention first the economic aspect such as total size of the market, current demand for your product, latest trends, and growth opportunity. Identify targeted customers or clients, their characteristics and geographic location. In addition, includes the list of competitors. At the end, you should provide your promotional strategies and budget information.

IV. Sales Forecast

It contains the sales forecast spreadsheets as well as the start up expenses worksheet.

V. Operational Plan

It covers the daily operation of the business, its location, equipment, people, processes and surrounding environment.

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Business Proposal Components

Business plan can be considered to be the most critical document of all time since businessmen spending much time creating and submitting business proposal to their prospective clients. Some entrepreneur may get contract with just submitting one proposal for the short period of time. This winning proposal may have good content that client easily captured their attention and approved it.

A winning business proposal should be written properly.  A business proposal is written to offers a certain product or service to a client.
There are three (3) basic information need to see in the business proposal namely problems intend to solve, the solution to the problem and the cost of the proposal.

A client may want to know and understand what is the problems existed and your business proposal must be able to explain it accurately. How can you solve the problem if you do not understand these problems?

business proposal

The main goal of your business proposal is to offer a solution that solves the existing problems faced by your prospective client. This part should be written in detailed to address all the necessary information. This includes the methods or procedure you used and how your proposed solution really solves the problems.

Of course, client may want the cost of your proposed solution. Some client used pricing information for their decision making process.  The cost is always depends on your proposed solution whether it is entail a short period or long period of time.  You may also consider including a cost benefit analysis in order to help your client to decide.

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Sample Acknowledgement

This project proposal has been completed by the researcher with the help of the employee of Petron Refinery Power Plant and the agencies involved in reverse osmosis plant.  With their assistances and support, the research wishes to express his sincerest gratitude most specially to the persons whose names and significances are mentioned below:

Engr. ARNOLD R. SANTOS, research, adviser, for giving constructive criticisms that challenged the researcher to do a valuable special project;

Dr. Emmanuel D. Escudero, the Director of the Graduate Program for his comments and valuable suggestions during the oral defense of the document, and for widely opening the researcher’s view of what must be done to obtain good document;

acknowledgment sample

To the members of the Oral Defense Committee namely Dr. Theresa R. Naguit, Dr. Jose R. Magtanong, Dr. Jcmer Navarro, Engr. Ronaldo R. Magsaysay, for their contributions in improving the document through their important suggestions and making the tasks seem not too hard to achieve a successful research study;
Friends and Classmate, for not leaving us through the most difficult part of this research study.

Beloved Family most especially to my Girlfriend, whose love and joy cannot be measured by any gauge ever made by man; and

The greatest of all, ALMIGHTY GOD, for giving me strength, good health, blessings and determination to go through all this.

My success, from thou I owed!

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Simple Business Proposal Sample

Proposed Fruit Shake in front of 7-Eleven Store

Name of Business: JCMer Fruit Shake

Proposed Location: JCMer fruit shake will be located in front of 7-eleven store at Paterno St. near Pilar State University

Nature of Business:

JCMer Fruit Shake will serve variety of fruit shakes including Banana Java flavor, Strawberry Banana flavor, Orange Crush flavor, Peachy Oat flavor, Blueberry flavor, Coconut Kale flavor, Avocado Pear flavor, Cranberry flavor, Mango Lasi flavor, Guyabano flavor, Chocolate flavor, Tutti Fruiti flavor, and many more.

This fruit shake will open everyday through Monday to Sunday at 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Marketing Plan

  • Know the total size of the market
  • State the current demand of the product such as fruit shake
  • Know the current trends
  • Evaluate if there is a growth opportunity for the business

Management Aspect

  • Elaborate the roles and responsibilities of each personnel
  • Provides training of the personnel
  • Describe the strategies to be used in order to cope up with the competition

Financial Aspect

  • Total cost of the business
  • Cost Analysis Benefit

Sales Forecast

  • Sales forecast spreadsheet
  • Startup expenses worksheet

Socio Economic Aspect

  • Contribution of the business for the reduction of umemployment
  • Contribution of business to community and economy

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Business Proposal Letter Sample

June 11, 1990

Dataware Corporation
San Mateo Subd.
Pampanga City

Mr. Eymard R. Navarro
Kyla Grace Corporation
Cabanatuan City

Dear Mr. Navarro:

Our company would like to offer you a system that will cut the costs of your company by 50 percent.  Several companies proved that our products will reduce their expenses by 50% and I believe that this is also suited to your company. Our products will save money, time and effort.

We will evaluate your current system and determined how it can be improved your traditional processing of data and information.  We have helped several companies cut down their expenses such as on printing, personnel overtime, stationary cost, and many more.

The enclosed business proposal will show you the details of our product and how it will help your company. It also includes the works we have done for other companies similar to yours.

I am confident that we can come up with a plan that will help your company to save money. I assured that this will be the best decision to make more profit. I will call you to schedule our visit to your office and discuss the possibility of working together.

Very truly yours,

Joanna Grace Cruz

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Business Proposal Construction

Business proposal is written to suggest a business offers to a prospective client. It serves as sales tool since it either a sell of idea or products.  It also categorized into two type of proposal, namely solicited business proposal and unsolicited business proposal.

Solicited business proposal has an organized and detailed format provided by the client. It often publishes a Request for Proposal has an organized and detailed format provided by the client. It often publish a Request for Proposal  for bid.

Unsolicited business proposal is written to target individuals or client with an attempt to present a product or service to the potential customers.

Whatever type of business proposal it may be, it should always provide a clear business intention by identifying objectives and purposes. Your proposal should unique and different on any business proposal in order to have a winning proposal. Also, describe the problems being solved as well as the needs of the company and then offer a solution. Make sure that the solution will be delivered and attainable.

In addition, your business proposal should provide the benefits your client will get once approve your proposal. Other important elements is the cost of your proposal if it is worth it and acceptable.

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Steps in Writing a Business Proposal

For you to write a proposal easily, all you have to do is follow simple steps and it will ensure that you may have a successful proposal. The purpose of writing a proposal is to convince your reader that your proposed ideas is clearly superior to those submitted by the competitors. Proposal is serves as a sale tool.  It should possess a high quality of a formal technical report.
The following are some simple steps in writing a proposal:

  • Collect all available pertinent information including your customer and competitors. Make necessary research to find out everything related to your business.
  • Analyze and study the collected data and make an introduction.  Begin with the cover letter that introduces your company and then the title page as well as the table of contents if it is lengthy.
  • Write your executive summary that provides the purpose because it is the most important part of your business proposal it should be free of jargon words or too technical terms.  Readers should be able to understand it according to their language.
  • Provides your client an information such as technical details, price details, schedules, training information   and other documentations.
  • Write a rough draft and work for it until you satisfied with your work
  • Review and revise your copy of your business proposal including grammar and spelling
  • Proofread your business proposal with your friend to find minor mistake or error
  • Finalize your work

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