Proposal Cover Letter

Proposal cover letter is very essential to get a proposal accepted since it is the first thing that authorities will read. It contains an introduction which gives the reader an idea about the proposal as well as the objectives and goals and how the organization or company will benefit from the proposed project.

Proposal cover letter will help the reader to go through the necessary information of the proposal within a short time.  It should provide enough information and shows that it has a strong solution to their requirements.

The following are some tips before writing a proposal cover letter:

  •  Receiver name should write properly such as his/her correct name, designation and address.
  •  Start by defining the problem that you intent to solve because in this way you will catch attention of the reader right away.
  •  Next, state how you will implement the solution to solve the problem by giving specific action to assure the reader that you have a definite plan.
  • Mention the time period to complete the job.
  • Also, state the funds needed to for the project.
  • Tell the reader to consider recommendations and how the solution in your proposal can help to solve the problem.
  • Lastly, before submitting the proposal cover letter, review any errors in spelling, grammar and format.  Double check if the proposal cover letter is accurate.