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Writing Research Proposal

Research proposal is written to provide a detailed description of the proposed project.  It serves as an outline of the entire research process that will gives a reader a summary of the information discussed in a project.  Also, it is written to request a budget for the research or as requirement in tertiary education The… Read More »

Research Proposal Writing

Research proposal is written for different reasons including requesting budget, academic requirement, thesis requirement, and business necessity or as business recommendation for profit, certification requirements for research and employment obligation. It should provide a description of the proposed project or program.  It serves as a summary of information included in the project. One should avoid… Read More »

Research Proposal

Research proposal is a written document which provides detailed information about the proposed program. It is addressed a particular topic or issue like academic or scientific issue. Some research proposal Your research proposal should convince your audience that you have a valuable and useful project and you have the capability to complete it. It should… Read More »

What is Research Proposal

Research proposal is showing the problem intended to solve and investigate.   It should be significant enough to deserve the investigation and the method to be used should be suitable and feasible, while the results are prove to be fruitful and will create original contribution to person, company or society.  A good research proposal should be… Read More »

Research Methodology, Problem Conceptualization and Theoretical Framework

Research Methodology A set of strategies in the execution of the various tasks related to a research; Includes the proper conceptualization of the research problem, organization of theoretical or conceptual framework, the construction of a research design, and documentation. Problem Conceptualization •    Scenario building – The broad concern related to the research problem is completely… Read More »

What is Research?

Research is an organized way of solving a problem or establishing the answer to a query. It is the manner by which the individual articulates the meaning of facts and data. Research as a Process Research is a cyclic process. Research begins with an unanswered question in the mind of the researcher. Research sees the… Read More »