Business Proposal Outline

You have an idea for a new product or service and you will need an investment to pursue your business venture, what you will have to do is to create a business proposal.  You have to make a winning business proposal in order to get financial support or getting help from prospective investor or client.

There is no standard outline or format or ideal format for business proposal but as long as it has complete content of a business requirement.

The following are a sample outline for business proposal:

  1. Executive Summary – It contains the overview of your proposal.
  2. Business Description – It provides the background and history of your business.  Also contains the goals as well as the product or services description being proposed. It also discussed the supplier information, agreements and ownership structure and legal considerations.
  3. Business Opportunities – It contains the potential customer, geographical area, business competitors.
  4. Marketing Strategy – It presents the costing and pricing, sales projection, and marketing plan.
  5. Business Operations – It includes the operational function, services offered, and personnel.
  6. Technology – It discusses the technology and application to be used.
  7. Finances – It includes the revenue, expenses, and financial projections.
  8. Appendices – It provides the supporting documents that will be useful to the business such as curriculum vitae of the owner and stockholders, permits, agreements and financial statement for the last 3 years.