How to Make a Proposal

Proposal is a plan, suggestion or idea that forward for consideration. Also, a proposal is a written document that offers a solution to a particular problem.

Proposal can be categorized into two types namely solicited proposal and unsolicited proposal.  Solicited proposal is begin with a request for a proposal (RFP) since many companies requested proposal for potential supplier and other needs. While unsolicited proposal is written to offer something such as selling something or proposed an idea or solution to a existing problem.

The following are 5 sections of proposal:

  1. Introduction

This is the first part of your proposal so this should get the attention of the reader. This should establish the rapport with your reader and begin with the issue and set for the next section.


  1. Problem

Define the problem and state clearly so that the reader understands that there is a need for a proposed solution. In this way, the writer should convince their reader that the proposed idea, product or services is necessary.


  1. Solution

In this section, the proposed solution to the existing problem is presented. The proposed solution should describe clearly and explain how to be able to solve the problem. You can provide data and information related to the proposed solution.


  1. Cost/Schedule

It contains the total cost of the proposed solution as well the duration of the project.


  1. Summary

It needs to summarize the major points in your documents and leave your reader a final

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Short Guide to Proposal Writing

A proposal is written with the purpose of selling or offering something that can help and improve their businesses.  It should answer the question  following questions:

  • What are your proposing?
  • How do you implements your proposal?
  • When your proposal to do it?
  • How much going to cost?

proposalWhen writing a proposal, always consider your readers or audience and use appropriate materials and language to appeal to them. You can provide glossary of terms that explain technical language use in the body of proposal or include appendices which explain technical information.
Just like any document, there are basic composition of proposal such as the beginning (introduction), middle (body of the proposal) and ending (conclusion and recommendation).

  • Introduction – provide the problem intended to solve as well as the solution to that problem.
  • Body of the Proposal – explains the details of the solution including how the job will be done, specifies tasks and the method to be used in order to do it. Equipment, materials and personnel required should be also included.  In addition, the time when the project or work to be completed and presents the cost breakdown of the entire project,
  • End of the Proposal  – contains the conclusion and recommendation for the proposal. It emphasizes the benefits of the project from the solution you are proposing. It urge the readers to take action.

Proposal should be informative because it trying to educate the readers and convince them to do it. It should believe that the reader needs the proposal in order to have greater benefits.  Make them trust that the solution you are offering is practical and appropriate.

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Proposal Writing Process

As a computer science graduate, I also required to do a thesis as requirement in our school.  Our thesis topic should be related to our course as well as the problem should be computer related.  Our instructor let us chose a company and know their current situation including their problems in their old system so that we, students can propose a system that will surely benefit their company without any problem with their users.

I chose Diversified Incorporated, a plastic company; their problem is about their inventory because they don’t monitor the supplies of their company.  They don’t know how many stocks for each item as well as their location in their warehouse. They want to know the critical items so that the purchasing department will order it immediately.

I proposed a CIS, Computerized Inventory System, which will solve their current problems.  CIS will provide real time assessment of inventory.  If an item is used or disposed, the inventory level for that item is automatically changed and when that item inventory level reaches the minimum level, the system will automatically create a purchase order that can electronically sent to the supplies. If the item reaches the minimum level of inventory and at the end of the day, it will compile a list of items then it will generate a purchase order to the supplier.  When the item is arrived from the supplier, the inventory level will be updated accordingly.

After the problem had been identified, a written proposal can be submitted to the company.  In my case, I proposed them to have a Computerized Inventory System so that they will monitor their inventory. The company accepted my proposal and they told me to study my proposal.

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Effective Proposal Writing

Of course, it will said to be effective proposal if it is accepted.  The question is how to write an effective proposal.  Proposal is effective if it prove to solve a problem and get approve by your reader or audience.

At the beginning of your proposal, state your purpose clearly. Also, mention your background information so that your audience or reader will understand your proposal. In addition, avoid technical terms and use language that everyone can understand.

In order to have an effective proposal, you should define the problem clearly and then specify your solution to solve the problem. Remember that the purpose of your proposal is to convince your reader or audience that your solution is the best.  As much as possible provide samples and information based on facts to be more convincing and meaningful.  Your opinion will not support by your audience.  Research more about your topic to have more concrete evidence that will support your proposal.

Include the analysis of your plan as well as the result of your solution.  Your audience should know that the solution is working to solve the problem.

The most concern of your audience if your proposal is financially feasible, that’s why it is important that your proposal is attainable and affordable by the company.  Think of company’s finances.  Explain to them that your proposal would be worth their money and time. You can provide cost benefit analysis.

Finally, overall appearance of your proposal should be perfect such as proper margin, grammar and spelling.

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Practical Proposal Writing Tips

Writing proposal can be a tedious job for someone. The following are some practical tips.

  1. Start early as possible because when you start early you will be able to know the needed data and information.
  2. Identify the problem, need or knowledge to be address properly.
  3. Clearly state your objectives and explain the proposed outcomes to address the problems.
  4. Make sure that you have appropriate rationale for each study. Also, explain the importance of your project.
  5. Define your methodology to be used in order to accomplish your objectives including the activities that will take place.
  6. Include the personnel who will carry out the activity as well as the equipment and facilities to be used.
  7. Don’t forget to include the cost of your project being proposed.
  8. Make sure to organize your project into proper format because it is an effective way of communicating of the details of the proposed work or project.
  9. Don’t forget to read instruction carefully before start writing because reviewer of your proposal will check the designated format as well the required information.
  10. Be simple and concise by removing all unnecessary detail or information.
  11. Make your work well-organized and concise so that it will stand out in the crowd.
  12. Give credits to your sources. If you use several paragraph from any magazine, you can put a quotes and cite the sources.

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