Proposal Writing Process

As a computer science graduate, I also required to do a thesis as requirement in our school.  Our thesis topic should be related to our course as well as the problem should be computer related.  Our instructor let us chose a company and know their current situation including their problems in their old system so that we, students can propose a system that will surely benefit their company without any problem with their users.

I chose Diversified Incorporated, a plastic company; their problem is about their inventory because they don’t monitor the supplies of their company.  They don’t know how many stocks for each item as well as their location in their warehouse. They want to know the critical items so that the purchasing department will order it immediately.

I proposed a CIS, Computerized Inventory System, which will solve their current problems.  CIS will provide real time assessment of inventory.  If an item is used or disposed, the inventory level for that item is automatically changed and when that item inventory level reaches the minimum level, the system will automatically create a purchase order that can electronically sent to the supplies. If the item reaches the minimum level of inventory and at the end of the day, it will compile a list of items then it will generate a purchase order to the supplier.  When the item is arrived from the supplier, the inventory level will be updated accordingly.

After the problem had been identified, a written proposal can be submitted to the company.  In my case, I proposed them to have a Computerized Inventory System so that they will monitor their inventory. The company accepted my proposal and they told me to study my proposal.