Business Proposal Outline

Business proposal is a written to offer particular product or services to potential client. It is consider one of the critical documents because you have to convince your potential client so it is important to make a business proposal outline to use as guide to your writing.

Here is a sample business proposal outline:

I. Title Page

It contains the title of your business proposal, company name, date, etc.

II. Executive Summary

It provides the summary of a problem being solved, proposed solution, market, competition and financial highlights. Keep it simple and brief that your audience will be able to have an idea about your business proposal. It should get the attention of your audience in order to further read other details and make it interesting.

III. Description of Products and Services

Show the problems to you client and describe your proposed solution. Provide the benefits as you define the products you are selling or services you are offering.

IV. Market Analysis

It contains your market such as the type of customer you are looking for as well as the market trends. Describe also the competitors and know if there is still a room for you. It also explain the market trends, market needs, market growth, target customer, future markets, competitors, etc.

V. Strategy and Implementation

It describes the marketing plan, sales plan, location, facilities, technology as well as the equipment to be used.

VI. Financial Analysis

This section provides the projected profit and loss, cash flow tables as well as the assumptions you are making. Highlights the budget need to launch your business proposal. In addition, a balance sheet, sales forecast and break even analysis can be included in this section.

VII. Company Profile

It includes the company history, company vision and ownership. Also, it contains information about organization of your business as well the member of your management team.

VIII. Reference

It provides the list of references used for your business proposal.

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