Writing the Details for your Project Description

The following are the subsection of project description

  • Goals. It is often refer to a general, long term change such as a change in enterprise development, environmental awareness, drug prevention, employment generation, etc.
  • Objectives. It is a measurable outcome of your proposal or program given a specific time period.  It should be tangible, realistic, and challenging yet achievable by your organization. Also, it should be specific, concrete and measurable.
  • Program methods, design and plan of action. Identify how your project is expected to work and solve your stated problem or need.  You can include activities and output that will occur during the implementation, flow chart of the organizational requirements to illustrate various parts of your organization and plans for the measurable results.
  • Staffing.  Discuss the number of staff requirements, their qualifications, and specific assignments in your proposal.
  • Evaluation. Evaluation plan should be included in your proposal because it indicates that you take your objectives seriously and you want to know that you have achieved them at the end of your project.
  • Sustainability. Your project proposal should be made sustainable long after the funding has ended.

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