Writing a Successful Proposal

Proposal is written with a purpose of improving services, developing new product and solving a certain problems.   It involves of describing a problem and proposing a solution to it. A successful proposal contains executive summary, statement of the problem, project description, financial analysis, organizational structure, conclusion and summary.

A successful proposal can be vital in winning a project. So it is important to writing your proposal in a right way.  Your executive summary should contain the reason for proposal as well as the summary of the proposal.  Decision-makers usually focus on the executive summary to know what the proposal is all about.

Also, state your goals and objectives of your proposal in the statement of the problem.  While in the project description, just describe your plans and details your project on how to achieve your goals and objectives.

Financial or budget analysis should also include in your proposal to know how your plan and project will be financed and explain operating expenses.

Organizational structure includes the people behind the project to be feasible such as hierarchy arrangement of personnel including their duties and responsibilities.  The last but not the least is the conclusion which provides the summary of your proposal.