Writing a Proposal

The technical proposal is our division’s primary sales tool. Our proposals can have a major effect on our performance in highly competitive… market, and it is imperative that they be as good as we can possibly make them. They must not only be technically sound, but they must also be logically and clearly presented.

What is proposal?

– A proposal is a written offer to solve as technical problem in a particular way, under a specified plan of management, for a specified sum of money.

– A proposal is a document designed to convince a “customer” that the company (or organization) presenting it is better qualified to supply a desired product or service than are all the other companies submitting proposals.

– Often a proposal is a very long report and instead of being prepared by a single author, a considerable number of people may collaborate in the writing.

– Some proposals are quite brief and are being prepared by a single author.

– Proposals must be factual, objective, logical.

Proposal Objective

1. Business Proposal
– to solve the perceived problem in the reader’s organization or government office
– to win an award of a contract
– benefits of the proposed services or products are offered for a quoted payment, usually money

2. Research Proposal
– researcher writes a proposal to the funding agency requesting for compensation – a grant

Proposal Condition

  1. A proposal prepared by a single author in an application to a government agency for funding a research project.
  2. A proposal written by a researcher which is research study. The researcher needs a grant before undertaking a costly project or study culminating in a long, formal report must write a research proposal to the funding agency. Again the writer requests compensation – a grant.

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