What is Proposal

Proposal is a communication which sells an idea, concept, piece of equipment or furniture, complex system and a service or anything else. A memorandum is also consider a proposal if contains a purchase of anything or suggesting a more effective system for the use of the company.

Also, a proposal defines a problem which has a purpose of solving it.  The suggested solution will be the proposal. It should convince the reader or panel that the proposed undertaking is feasible or superior to those submitted by competitors in cases of public biddings.

A proposal is also consider a sales tool since it should convinces the prospective client or customer to invest their money in the proposed product, idea or services.

There are two types of proposal including solicited and unsolicited proposal.  If the proposal is answering an invitation to bid it is called solicited proposal.  Many proposals are written in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) from a government or non profit agency.  Some small and medium sized businesses are now give out RFPs to fulfill their needs for best products and services.

When writing a proposal, it usually states the purpose as well as the background information of why you are proposing your suggestion and then state the solution to the problem.  Also, provide the cost that involves in your proposal and end up with the conclusion by restating the problem and the proposal solution.