Proposal Writing Tips and Strategies

Writing proposal can be tedious job but if you will know the steps of writing proposal, it can never be difficult.  The first step in writing a proposal is defining the project by establishing proposal title.  Also, it is need to identify the agency as well as find out guidelines and deadlines.  Write down preliminary material. In addition, perform literature search and also consider writing the first draft of full proposal.

Some parts to consider in writing proposal are introduction, problem statement, objectives, methodology, evaluation if necessary, dissemination, future funding, budget, appendices, abstract and curriculum vitae. Not all proposals require these parts but most of them are required by agency.

The following are some tips and strategies in writing proposal:

  • Make use of outline formats and records to break up narrative texts.
  • Do not use vague languages like might, could, ought, should, hope, will, may, it appears, consider.
  • Don’t think that the reader is familiar with the subject.
  • Prevent using unsupported arguments.
  • Avoid impossible promises.
  • Include illustrations or visuals to explain abstract concepts and relationships.
  • Proofread and review proposal over and over again and let someone to proofread it to see opinion of others.
  • Proposal should be organized, readable, grammar free and without missing page and also consider overall appearance such as cleanliness.