Proposal for the Management

If you are one person who is concern in your company, you might want to write a proposal address to the management to make suggestion for their improvements.  Some reason why to write a proposal to management is to improve their services, to have new safety measures, new business venture, money saving ideas and other income generation ventures.

When writing proposal to the management, you should first identify current situations along with the problems and other issues that needs attention.   Once problem and objective have been identified, it now your time to explain to management your proposed solution to the problem.  Some examples or reason of your proposed solution will be new implement new rules and procedures as well as new safety measures or methods to improve processes.   Also you can propose to have a new product as a new source of income.  You can outline the details of how you will implement the changes you want to make. Then, specify the steps required to perform the change. Always makes the list of steps so that it will be easy to understand.

After identifying the steps, you are now ready to emphasize the main benefits of your proposal.  Some examples of benefits of your proposal are to generate income, increase efficiency and employee competence.  Make sure to convince that your proposal is beneficial to the management as well as to the company.

Always be ready to prepare the document that will support your argument because of possible objection to the proposal. Make sure to conduct market analysis and financial analysis to be presented to the management.

The last but not the least, proofread the proposal to avoid any possible errors including spelling or grammar.  Also, you can ask your friends, classmate, expert and adviser to review your proposal and get their opinions and ideas.