Marketing Proposal

Marketing proposal is written as guidance of a businessmen and a client to establish objectives and expectations. Also, it is written to improve the current marketing plan.

As first step to write a marketing proposal, you should analyze the current market such as company’s competitors.  Also, research the prospective client as well as their ages, locations, occupation, social status, and economic status.

List your proposed improvements and strategies to the current market.  Present new and specific ideas for each problem as you list down your proposed solutions.

After a thorough analysis, you can now write an executive summary that summarizes your proposed solutions as well as the market analysis and prospective clients.  You should discuss the advantages and benefits of using your marketing ideas.

Also, explain how your marketing proposal will be implemented. Provide step by step procedures how to achieve a successful marketing strategy.

In addition, you must provide a budget or financial fees that outline the cost of plan, implementation and maintenance.

Last but not the least; conclusion is also included in your marketing proposal.  Conclusion should mention why it is the right choice and explain the expected results that will favor in the company.