Kinds of Proposal Format

Proposal has different formats. Choosing the right format for your proposal is very challenging since your should get it right to have a winning proposal.  The format you choose is greatly affects how your reader will interprets your proposal.  It is important to implement a sales friendly format considering your layout and designs as well as the kinds of format your client’s wants. The kinds of proposal format is depends on the requirements of your client.

The following are the kinds of proposal format

  1. Construction Proposal.  It includes all necessary documentation for the construction project. It is a narrative details the projects including project’s goals, description, objectives, purpose and rationale.
  2. Business Services Proposal.  It looks like a sales presentation because it is composed of service brochures, overviews, referrals from clients.  It also includes the pricing and delivery details.
  3. Response to Request for Proposal.  The client is the one who provides the format for the proposal. The reason why the client wants their format is to easily compare their request to the response.
  4. Quotation for Services Format.  The format for quotation for services is a detailed response to the Request for Proposal (RFP) document.  It itemized the list of services the firm will provide and any services that will be provided by a subcontractor.