Kinds and Classification of Proposal

During my college days, it is hard to distinguish the difference between the kinds and classification of proposal that’s why I want to share this information. The following text was taken in “Technical Writing, Organization, Form and Content, revised edition by Corazon C. Obnamia, Mariano S Dela Cruz and Margaret S. Aquino.”

Kinds of Proposal

There are three (3) kinds of proposal

1.  The Technical Proposal solves a problem
2. The Management Proposal explains to the prospective client how the entire project will be managed, tells who will manage it, and suggests a time schedule for the completion of the project.
3. A Cost Proposal gives a detailed breakdown of the cost in terms of labor and materials.

Classification of Proposals

1.    A Solicited proposal is requested by a client or a customer.

A request for proposal (RFP) is a document sent out by organizations wanting to receive proposals for a product or service.  It guides an organization on 1) what a proposal should cover 2) when it should be submitted and 3) to whom it should be sent.

2.    An Unsolicited proposal is submitted without a request.

It is prepared by a company in the hope that the excellence of the idea or plan proposed will persuade the potential client of the need.