Components of a Proposal

The following are some components of a winning business proposal:

  1. Title – It contains the title of your business proposal and what the proposal is about in a clear manner.
  2. Executive Summary – It has basic information about your business proposal including the objectives, solution, methodology and cost.  It  should limited to 2 to 3 pages since it just provide the overview of your business proposal.
  3. Introduction – It should detail of your company as well the major activities of your business and the history of past relevant endeavors.  Also, it contains the purpose and objectives of your business proposal.
  4. Problem Statement – The problem should clearly define and details what the proposal is trying to achieve. It provides facts, interview and statistics as well as the significance of the need and the reason why needs a solution and objectives of your business proposal. It is important to provide evidence that support the need to come up with a solution.
  5. Solution to the Problem –  It contains the steps and actions to be taken in order to solve the current problem. It provides the description of your business proposal such as the operations to be used.
  6. Work Plan – It provides the approaches and methodology proposed to achieve the objectives and goals.
  7. Budget – It contains the cost of your business proposal including the pricing to implement the proposed project, cost projection of cash flow, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cost benefit analysis and sources of funds.
  8. Evaluation – It includes the degree if the objectives were met and the procedures were followed.
  9. Conclusion – It contains the review of what the project will achieve.  Also, it will restating the problem and the reason why the proposed solution will succeed.