Advertising Proposal

An advertising proposal is usually written by agencies and advertising consultants for clients.  They proposed to have an advertising campaign so that the product or services make known to the general public or to the specific section of the public. People as consumers will have a choice available in the market. If a company or a client wants to sell a product, it is wisely to have an advertising campaign to sell the product to make the consumer interested.

Advertising proposal gives the client an outline as well the details, objectives, scope and goals of the advertising campaign. Also, it includes the marketing strategies to be used in order to have a successful advertising campaign. In addition, advertising proposal should have summarized of what to expect from it.  It should discuss the type of advertising campaign to be used whether it is print advertising, online advertising, or television.

Indicate the target market of the advertising campaign being recommended in the advertising proposal.  Explain the type of people trying to attract using the advertising campaign.  Include the spending and buying habits, age, interest, etc. as well as the materials used for example the questionnaires with analysis.

Specify also the budget and cost of the advertising campaign so that the client should decide whether the advertising budget is affordable and worth it.