What is Technical Proposal

technical proposalTechnical proposal provides technical requirement of a project and details the methods and plans formulated to address them.  It can be break down into three parts including, the problem, the solution and the plan. Explain the cause of the problem in a detailed form so that your reader or audience may understand it and know if your solution is capable of solving the existing problem. Also, explain the benefits and advantages of implementing the proposed solution.  In addition, you must discuss the plans on how to implement the proposed solution as well as the schedule. It is not enough to say what are you going to do but you must explain how to do it.

The following are some practical guidelines in making a technical proposal

  • Executive Summary.  It gives the overview of the proposed project.
  • Technical Background. It provides problem identification and justification of the proposed project.
  •  Technical Approach. It contains the objectives as well as the statement of work which includes the project tasks, project schedule and estimated costs.
  • Technical Capabilities. It gives the details for organizational team such as project team and key personnel as well as facilities and equipment to be used.
  • Benefits of Proposed Works.   Provides anticipated benefits and advantages of having the proposed project.
  • Environment Effects of the Proposed Work.  It identify the potential effects of the proposed project on environment including the hazardous chemical that need proper disposal
  • References
  • Appendices