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Proposed to use Energy Recovery Device


proposal for energy recovery device

The main objective of this research is to conceptualize, design and study a system that will solve the existing problem encountered in ELITE Power Plant.  The Reverse Osmosis Plant, basically resulted to a high power consumption particularly in a high pressure pump motor of the system. Reduce the load on the high pressure pump motor which caused high power consumption.

In order to lessen the problem on high consumption as well as repair and maintenance, the use of “ENERGY RECOVERY DEVICE” is suggested.  In which it is designed based on the machine components potential requirements and specifications.

Reverse Osmosis System us to take seawater, filter and treat seawater for domestic use, service water and to supply the deminiralizers at the water treatment plant.

Osmosis is the naturally occurring diffusion of fluids through a semipermeable membrane in the attempt to equalize different concentrations of dissolved solids.  The Reverse Osmosis System takes this natural occurrence, reverses it by applying pressure on one side of the membrane and separates the two concentrations, in this case, fresh water from salt water.

Water is pumped from the sea, sent through a series of filters, then pressurized through membranes where salt and fresh water separates, chemically treated, and forwarded on storage tanks.
While, Energy Recovery Device, connected to the opposite end of the high pressure pump motor shaft.  The purpose of the ERD is to reduce the load on the high pressure pump motor.  This is accomplished by utilizing the energy contained in the high pressure brine before it goes to the drain.

During the practicum at the ELITE Power Plant, the researcher was assigned at the Reverse Osmosis Plant where the project is located.

Together with the Plant Technician, the researcher inspected the sites where the operation for Reverse Osmosis Plant is on going.  The activities were purely operation and monitoring such as providing the data for Reverse Osmosis Plant.

Upon evaluation of the plant, one of the problems in the system is high energy consumption of the high pressure pump.  The researcher determined that application of Energy Recovery Device is recommended.
The company will be benefited in this study, of which the maintenance of the different motor equipment used in their operation will lessen as well as students who will go further studies related to this.

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Sample Abstract

The world that we are living now is experiencing different environmental problems. Some affect the water, others affect the air, and still others affect the land and the animals. Some of the largest problems are now affecting the world. As globalization continues and the earth’s natural processes transform local problems into international issues, few societies are being left untouched by major environmental problems like global warming.

Philippines have experienced temperature spikes brought about by climate change. It has been observed that warming is experienced most in the northern and southern regions of the country, while Metro Manila has warmed less than most parts. This kind of environmental problems can be reduced or eliminated through corrective actions or proactive measures. Every environmental problem has causes, numerous effects, and most importantly, has a solution.

The increase in the use of natural and renewable energy sources is one of the major solutions to take the burden off our current dependency. By making switch to natural and renewable energy sources, you will be doing your part in helping to improve the quality of the environment and the air we breathe. To resolve such predicament, people should strive to manage or conserve electrical energy to find other ways to generate electric power out of some high anticipated natural like water.

The pico-hydro electric generator system is a proven technology and is feasible solution to existing problem, not only lessening the demand of electric energy, but also as a source of energy for some rural areas here in Bataan. The system is an efficient way in keeping the environment clean because it only uses water rather than harmful toxins to produce electricity. Other ways producing energy that we used today create harmful effects to the environment. Therefore, hydro electric power is much more environment friendly way of producing energy.

The proponents developed a pico-hydro project designed to test the electrical energy potential of a river available in Maluya Central, Balanga City, Bataan and to supply energy to the target house near the site.

Title: Feasibility Study: Pico Hydro for Rural Electrification


Jerome dela Cruz
Kenneth Aquino
Wilgem Regino Crespo
John Andrew Molino
Rosauro J. Fernando Jr.

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