Office Sample Proposal

To: Ms. Ana Grace Cayco
Accounting Manager
Accounting Department

From: Diana L. Zubiri
Subject: Printer for Each Human Resource Department

Date: June 11, 2003


This documents intent to request for printer for Human Resource Department to be used in printing employee’s record.


  • To produce report anytime
  • To minimize time
  • To save money from overtime pay


Since Human Resource Department has no printer, employee from HR department will go to other department to be able to have office reports such as employee’s records. Sometimes it takes time to be able to produce report because other department also using their printer for their report.
Time wasted on waiting for the printer to be available.


The company should provide printer for each department particularly the HR department. In this the clerk will have more time working that waiting for the printer in other departments.


It will minimize the time of employee waiting for other’s department printer. In this way, overtime pay will be lowered. Other benefits include providing report in easy and faster way. Reports can be delivered anytime.


The company will always get up to date report from Human Resource Department since they have their own printer. Also, the company may save money for overtime of employees of HR Department.

Prepared by:

Diana L. Zubiri
HR Manager

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